Two new entries in Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat

Kushal Punjabi and Poonam Gulati enter the Star Plus show as negative leads, to bring a major twist in the life of Yudhister...

After the marriage of Rani and Yudishter, Star Plus' show Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat is all set for a new twist in the tale. The serial will soon see a couple entering as the negative leads.

Kushal Punjabi and Poonam Gulati are the ones to enter the show in the upcoming episodes” says our khabroo.

We called up Poonam to know more on her character. “I essay the role of Ami aka Amrita, who is the wife of Neil, played by Kushal Punjabi. Initially it’s not a negative shade”, quips the actress.

Talking about her character she quips, “Ami is an NRI girl who is stylish, bubbly and full of energy. We enter when Yudishter and Rani go out for their honeymoon.” On the length of the role, Poonam says, “That, only time can say. Basically it depends on how the character shapes”.

We talked to Rashmi Sharma, Producer of the show, who said, "The couple cannot be termed as the typical negative characters. This is the first time Kushal and Poonam will be enacting such a different role. The duo will have some a strong past connection with Yudishter which will give rise to interesting turn of events in the life of the newly married duo, Rani and Yudhishter. I cannot reveal much right now". 

Kushal Punjabi was unavailable for comments.

After the lovey-dovey marriage, it’s time for action in the show now!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Rachana Trivedi
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Poonam Gulati

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Kushal Punjabi

Comments (13)

I hope that Rani and Yudi are not seperated as a result of these two individuals. I hope that the entrance of these two characters makes their relationship stronger.

15 years ago

Not another of this ekta pektas from Rashmi ji!!
Plzzzzzz i dont want my beautiful YuRa seperated!!!!
But still i do like Kushal but not as much as Kapil :)

15 years ago

at least they get married n go on thier honeymoon

15 years ago

Thanks :)..But I hope YuRa ke beech koi naa aaye....

15 years ago

whatever happens, hope it doesn''t turn out to be some stupid love triangle! i don''t want to see a k-ekta twist!

15 years ago

thanks.... but i hope they don''t separate YuRa!

15 years ago

I never like saloni''s siter and now she is here m=inmy show WHY Reshami Why..please its a good thaing that Show has something to look orward as many are thinking its gonaa end NO we want tit to move on but on a positive node Please no termors in Yura''s married life enough of Ekta''s nonsensse we the royal viewre like this show as its not dramam getting my point right?

15 years ago

No matter what role they are entering, i just don''t want Rani and Yudhishtir to get away from each other.

15 years ago

YuRa will definitely take away the trophy for even this challenge!!!!! :)

15 years ago

nice to c kushal, hope the story does not ruin the storyline with all craps like, misuderstanding, doubting each other, seperation.,,,,etc........

15 years ago

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