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TV celebs target their co-stars for playing pranks!

Actors talk about their pranks and whom are they targeting this year on April Fool’s Day.

On this Fool's Day some TV actors succeed in playing pranks and some don't. While some enjoy playing pranks on the sets and some with their co-stars, so we got in touch with these known TV actors who are planning to play a prank on their co-actors.

Let's hear it from them.

Mahima Makwana who plays Rachna in Sapne Suhane ladakpan Ke on Zee TV -  "Well I am a very nice girl and I don't play a prank on others so I have never made anyone fool on April Fool's Day. Last year my co-star Nikkhil Chaddha who played the character of Vihaan Agrawal in the show, played a prank on me which actually made me cry and I don't want to say about it. I wish he was still there in the show so that I would have taken revenge from him by playing a prank on him this year. But as he is not here so my target has shifted from Nikkhil to my friend who is not from this industry. She is a very good friend of mine and as she loves to eat sweets I will fool her by making artificial sweets and will give it to her. This is sweet and small prank which I have planned to fool her (Laugh)."
Kanica Maheshwari who plays Meenakshi in Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus - "I am an expert in playing pranks on my friends and co-stars. I have played pranks on people but never got trapped in anyone's prank. I remember there was a newcomer and he was a junior artist. I played some prank on him because of which he was worried throughout the day but by end of the day he realized that it was just a prank. This year my prime target is Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) but I will not tell that what is my plan is because then there will be no fun and she will come to know about the prank. But I am sure it will be fun if she gets trapped in my prank."

Karan V Grover was seen as Raj in Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed on Zee TV - "I am a very simple guy. I don't play pranks on anyone. But yes my friends had played many pranks on me. I don't remember any prank to share because I don't keep such things in mind. But this year my target is Suhasi Dhami and I hope that she doesn't read this article before April fool's day or else she will get alert (laughs)."

Kratika Sengar was seen as Aarti in Punar Vivah on Zee TV - "I am big time prankster, I keep playing pranks on my friends but nobody were able to fool me ever. Last year when we were shooting for Punar Vivaah, our friends from the media tried to fool all the stars on our set and they actually succeeded in pulling prank on my co-star but failed to play it on me and said hum haath jodte hai aapke, aapse koi nai jeet sakta (laughs). Last year on April Fool's Day I fooled all my friends by saying that I am getting married and everybody started wishing me and gave regards but later on they realized that I was fooling them. And now when I actually planned to get married and told my friends about it, they didn't believe me till it came in news. Thus this prank was similar to the story which we used to hear during our childhood sher aaya sher aaya aur sab maan lete hai jabki nai aaya hota hai par jab sach mai aata hai toh koi nai manta. But I failed to fool my future husband Nikitin Dheer who is very smart and my all tricks failed. So this year on this April Fool's Day I will be accha baccha because I know jisse fool bana hai who toh bahot hi smart hai."

Rishi Dev seen as Guggi in Bani - Ishq Da Kalma on Colors - "I keep on playing pranks on the sets. I am a big time prankster. I remember when we all started shooting for Bani- Ishq Da Kalma last year it was me, Adhvik Mahajan and Ankit Modgil planned together and played prank on Shefali Sharma because she was a newcomer. We called up Shefali and Ankit started to quiz Shefali and at the end he told her do you know the importance of time in a very rude tone. Looking at which Shefali who was already nervous started crying which made us laugh out loud. Later on we got the scolding from the production team as well as from Shefali. Similarly I played a prank on Neha Bagga, I called her from another phone number and told her that I am a person from some magazine and we would like to do a photo shoot. I fixed up the dates and everything and at the end I asked her about her co-stars. When she started telling me about them then I used to burst out laughing and ultimately she understood that it was just a prank (laughs). Actually Neha is very innocent and usse bewakuf banana bahot aasan hai. This year there are many people on whom I will play a prank but will not tell u the names or else unhe pata lag jayega aur mere aaas paas bhi nai aayenge. "
Well, enjoy playing pranks and have a gala time!


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