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Tunisha tried commiting suicide earlier as well and I informed her mother: Sheezan Khan

Sheezan Khan talks about the charges on him in Tunisha Sharma suicide case.

Published: Monday,Dec 26, 2022 10:31 AM GMT-07:00
Updated: Monday,Dec 26, 2022 10:34 AM GMT-07:00
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Sheezan Khan and Tunisha Sharma

Tunisha Sharma’s death news came as a shock to everyone. Merely twenty years old Tunisha hanged herself on the sets of her Sony SAB show ‘Alibaba: Daastan-e- Kabul’. Reports have it that Tunisha was apparently in a relationship with Sheezan Mohammed who plays the character of Alibaba in the show. 

As per reports, Sheezan and Tunisha broke-up recently, which affected Tunisha’s mental- health a lot. She took the drastic step on an unfortunate afternoon of 24th December 2022.  Tunisha’s mother Anita Sharma has filed an abatement to suicide complaint against Sheezan and police has detained him until 28th of December 2022. There were rumours about Tunisha’s pregnancy but Police officers have ruled that out and stated that nothing of that sort has appeared on the autopsy report.

As per reports, Tunisha had a panic attack on December 16 after she came to know that her boyfriend Sheezan two-timing her. On December 15, Sheezan told her about his relationship and admitted that he was in love with someone else. After the panic attack, she was admitted to hospital where she kept repeating, "Sheezan did wrong to me. Sheezan cheated on me."

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Now, Sheezan Khan’s statements on the controversy is out and the actor revealed major details in connection to the case. He told police that he and Tunisha broke up as they had age difference. Police sources told Times Now that the actor has told cops that they ended their relationship as their religions were different and there was an age gap. 

According to information received from police sources, the accused Sheezan Khan told the police during interrogation that Tunisha had tried to commit suicide in the recent past as well, but at that time Sheezan saved her and informed Tunisha's mother about it.

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Tunisha Sharma Sheezan M Khan

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SilverBell 5 months ago Wish He Saved Her Again
Rest In Peace Tunisha Sharma 😢
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Debs 5 months ago Teach your children to be stronger. Doesn't matter what people tell you it's not the end of world. Emotions are very high in the teenage years due to being gullible. Teach your kids to love themselves and not give so much importance to others and what they think. Mental illnesses has a very high stigma in India. Many don't understand the illness and sufficient help is not available. Suicide isn't the way. How sad for her family.
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camj 5 months ago He didnt think about age difference when he started the affair...but after using her suddenly he realised about her age...i know he wont be punished but a mother has lost her child becoz of a deceitful man..
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WildestDreams 5 months ago She badly needed help and no one understood her pain until it was too late!
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