Here's why Sheezan Khan opted out of Star Plus' show 'Aankh Micholi'

Recently, the actor revealed that he had to opt out of Star Plus's recently launched show, Aankh Micholi, read on to know why.

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Sheezan Khan
Sheezan Khan opted out of Star Plus Aankh Micholi. Image Source: Instagram

Sheezan Khan, known for his role in Alibaba: Daastan-e-Kabul, faced a tough time in his personal and professional life when he was accused in connection with the death of his co-actress and alleged girlfriend Tunisha Sharma. Despite enduring a challenging period and spending months in police custody, the actor started afresh.

Recently, Sheezan revealed that he had to back out of Star Plus' newly launched show Aankh Micholi due to health issues. During a Q&A session on social media, he was asked about his role in Aankh Micholi, to which he replied that he was supposed to be a part of it but had to decline the offer due to health reasons.

Sheezan Khan
Sheezan Khan. Image Source: Instagram

After a long break, Sheezan returned to the fiction show scene with Chand Jalne Laga, but he quit the show in less than a month. Initially promised a parallel lead role, it was later reduced to just another character.

Aankh Micholi, a drama on Star Plus about undercover police, features Navneet Malik and Khushi Dubey in starring roles.

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