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Tunisha Sharma suicide case: Sheezan Khan’s bail plea adjourned until January 9

Here’s the update in Tunisha Sharma suicide case and actor Sheezan Khan’s arrest.

Published: Saturday,Jan 07, 2023 11:54 AM GMT-07:00
Updated: Saturday,Jan 07, 2023 11:58 AM GMT-07:00
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Sheezan Khan

Tunisha Sharma’s suicide case has left everyone with many questions. The actress committed suicide on 24th December 2022. The actress’ mother filed an FIR against her co-actor and alleged boyfriend Sheezan Khan and he has been detained by the cops. 

Sheezan is sentenced to fourteen days’ judicial custody while his family filed for bail plea. Today, in court hearing, Sheezan’s bail plea has been adjourned until 9th January.

Sheezan’s lawyer Mr. Shailendra Mishra said, “The complainant’s lawyer appeared and filed an adjournment application. They’ve stated that Sharma is busy in the high court while Vanita Sharma is in Chandigarh. They requested adjournment until 13th January. The court accepted the adjournment application but has given 9th January 2023 as the next hearing date for the bail plea.”

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When asked on what grounds is the bail plea filed, Mishra said, “The matter is sub-judice and I can’t talk about it here. We’ve filed the grounds on which we’ve filed the plea. It will be heard on the upcoming hearing of the case”.

After Vanita Sharma held a press conference and imposed allegations on Sheezan and family stating that his family derived Tunisha away from her and that Sheezan used her, Sheezan’s family also called media for a press conference and countered the allegations put by Sharma. They in return accused Sharma of not taking proper care of Tunisha while she wasn’t in the best of her mental health. Despite informing her mother about her mental conditions, her mother didn’t take any measures to make sure Tunisha got medical help, on the contrary, according to Sheezan’s family, Tunisha was forced to take up projects she wasn’t interested in.

Tunisha Sharma Sheezan M Khan

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faria86 4 months ago 1 hv watch Ali baba dastan e kabul frm 1st epi..till date both tunisha & shezaan were fabulous actor & i hv seen the interviews both were so nice ppl..,i hv seen some other ivs of shezaan & his co actors ivs too frm his this show & other show too all his co actors hv said he is so hard working humble ,kind ,caring & a happy person who always keep smiling & he is respectful through ward everyone....many ppl cant be wrong....they dated for 3 or 4 months & ppl dont kill them self for 3 to 4 months relationship...definitely she was not happy with her life she was depression patient in 2018 means she was depressed even when she wasnt 18 year old why but 1st her family lied said she was never depressed...then her so called uncle lie..the hijab lie..i hv seen the full epi..or more than 1 epi...of tunisha in that hijab in her ali baba show..urdu lie..ever actor in ali baba show speak urdu in the show so tunisha learning urdu or speaking some urdu works isnt something wrong or connected with only shezaan..her mom lied about the dog too & now the actress sonia tunisha s friend has said that tunisha has asked for 3000 frm her which meaning her mom was not giving much...i just hope & pray that the truth comes out soon & shezaan innocent he shouldn't get punished for the crime he hasnt done breaking up isnt a crime...
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PilloWtalk_13 4 months ago So now,just being a muslim is curse in india?
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SilverBell 4 months ago Wonder How Long Will This Case Take? And If Sheezan Will Ever Get Bail.. Not Defending Him Just Want This Case To Be Solved.
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