Tujh Sang takes a third leap

A one and a two and now a third leap for Star Plus’ Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna…

Leaps seem to be the latest thing for Balaji Telefims and Star Plus' Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna …

According to our source "The show is taking a five year leap. The show initially took a three year leap after getting shifted to the afternoon slot. As of now the creative team is working on the script. But suggestive indications imply that the show will focus on Ranbeer, Yug and Vrinda. They all are separated right now and the story will focus on their future."

Adds the source, "The first time they took a leap it was for three years. The same was repeated the second time. But guess the creatives want more so they went for a five year leap this time."

The source further states, "The leap will take place by the end of this month."

Hope the leap is successful in generating TRPs.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (29)

all i want 2 happen near the end is that i want baabli 2 be alrite and out of coma so she can c her daughter

14 years ago

Is their possibility of Ekta first broken couple YuVI to reunite or
Ekta will keep spliting them until Kayamath------------------?

14 years ago

i just want vrinda n yug togethere

hopefully they would unite i guess

14 years ago

KEkta Just Loves leaps..When TRP's Go Down..She Tkes a Leap!
Sigh..So Sad..This Show was So Swt when It Began..But the Day Virinda Married..Hvnt Wtched it!
...I Hve No Clue watss Going On...Do Yug-Vrinda Still Luv Each Other? :( This Show is In the Pits Now..Lekin If Yug-Virinda Cum 2gether.I Myt Wtch..Hmm

14 years ago

This is second leap in the show and first leap was of 5yrs. Btw I think this leap was needed coz vrida have small kid and it's impossible to show a lil kid for long and plus vrinda carries it everywhere she must be tired. I think in further track they will show rajbeer a rich man and yug lost his everything.

14 years ago

there taking way too many leaps

i might start watching it again if vrinda gets together with yug

and far far far away from rajbeer

14 years ago

hi why did it say that ranbeer and vrinda aren't together anymore...does this mean yug and vrinda might come together..wait then wat happened to yug's wife...lol i haven't watched this show in while.

14 years ago

the show is still going gud compared to other shows.....this serial is not bakwas..its just that since yug and vrinda arent together the show kinda lost its essence...but still the show is interesting...i watch its sumtimes and i still think the show is doing gud

14 years ago

its the second leap guys and it was a 5 year leap please at least get your facts strait before writing something anmd as for TSPLS dont want to waste my words on the stupid creatives

14 years ago

Just Unite Yug and Vrinda and I am sure ppl will luv the show cus it is only for Kunal&Ouja we are watching this show despite the boring track....:(

14 years ago

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