Topsy Turvy on sets of Left Right Left

Harshwardhan Rane of Left Right Left brings in 'method acting' and literally 'hangs on' for the perfect shot...

Recently an interesting shoot took place on the sets of Deeya and Tony Singh's popular show Left Right Left. One of the cadets Rummy, played by  Harshvardhan Rane, was hanging upside down from a tree at Suchak Bunglow in Madh the entire day from 10 am to 6pm for a shoot sequence which required him to do it.  A doctor was also called  who was examining him after every hour. Apparently Rummy was without food and hadn't eaten anything since the night before the shoot either.And through out the day he was only on juices n coconut water. By the end of the shoot he was almost unconcsious.
"It was brilliant to see Rummy do that. I am glad all the cadets are enjoying their work. They really put in a lot of effort to make it perfect. We at DJ's like to support them always too." Says producer Deeya Singh.
Looks like the cadet sure got into the character literally!

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Harshvardhan Kapoor

Comments (9)

They r just copying everything frm ssn 1.

15 years ago

gee... i wonder y this sounds so similar... hmm, i wonder it's just deja vu or a total copy from the first season... :(

thanx for the article!

16 years ago

I think it's kind of a copy of LRL season 1, thanks alots for the article....

16 years ago

good to see lrl getting back on tracks. if it was naina who shot for tought punishments like above mentioned and drills - the physical endurance test cadets like rane r not far behind either.

16 years ago

Wats interesting........Its a Copy of Season-1 of LRL

16 years ago

sigh! already seen that. Priyanka (Naina) did that scene brilliantly in ssn1. so now this is what djs hv to offer? repeat the same scenes with the new cadets?

16 years ago

thank-you for pointing out the mistakes... :)

16 years ago

yup i agree its harshvardhan at place of rummy and vide versa

16 years ago

I think Its Harshvardhan Rane who plays the Character of Rummy n Not vice versa

16 years ago

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