Top Television Controversies that made headlines & shocked everyone

In this piece, we are talking about the small screen industry and the many controversies that happened this year that made headlines constantly.

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With 2021 coming to a close, the entertainment industry had an array of updates and controversies to look at, both in Bollywood and the TV industry. In this piece, we are talking about the small screen industry and the many controversies that happened this year that made headlines constantly. Let's have a look-

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Amit Kumar comments of fake praise on 'Indian Idol 12'

Indian Idol 12 had the longest season ever so far, and it would be safe to say that the singing reality show also had the most amount of controversies as well. From contestants being linked with each other to fans talking about unfair judgement and other things, the biggest one was singer Amit Kumar coming out and telling that he was asked to 'fake praise' the contestants. It became a talking point and went on for the longest time.

Casteist Slur Controversy

And moving on from Indian Idol 12, we are now on to the host of the show, Aditya Narayan - joined by actors Yuvika Chaudhary and Munmun Dutta. Interestingly, the three of them were involved in the same controversy - related to mouthing a casteist slur. It did happen on separate instances but all three of them went on to receive a lot of flak for the same and had to put out apologies. 

Terence Lewis and Nora Fatehi video

An unanticipated controversy happened when a video involving Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis went viral for all the wrong reasons. This happened on the sets of India's Best Dancer where Lewis's hand accidentally touched Fatehi's rear end and this led to an uproar that he did it intentionally among other things. This led to both Fatehi and Lewis making statements about it - ruling the entire thing out.

Pearl V Puri Arrest

The Pearl V Puri  case was indeed one of the longest ones to go on. It began with the father of a minor girl, whose mother is an actor herself went on to file a case and allege that Puri made sexual advances on the minor. It led to Puri being arrested and he was in the jail for a long time. Meanwhile, he had immense support coming in from the entertainment industry. It has been the longest time and there has been no update on the saga anymore. 

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal domestic violence case

Probably the biggest shocker of a controversy and piece of news was the pubic separation between Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra. The couple, who had been married for several years and even have a child together had a massive update coming in when Rawal filed a complaint and alleged that Mehra practised domestic violence and her. She even had several scars to show and Mehra was arrested for a few days. There hasn't been any development in the case since then.

Which news shocked you the most? Leave in your comments below.

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Indian Idol 12

Comments (3)

“Practice domestic violence” Kya hota hai?? Yeh koi religion hai kya??? What kind of English is this?!?!

2 years ago

I hope to see resolution and justice in the Pearl case. The other two are irrelevant to me. BUT the Pearl issue is a huge highlight of what can go wrong in the law or the "in-justice system".

2 years ago

I hope justice is served in the Pearl and Nisha-Karan cases

2 years ago

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