Tom Hank’s wife Rita Warns about the Side Effects of Chloroquine!

Rita Wilson talked about the risks of chloroquine which is considered to heal coronavirus. She also reveals that people have to be very considerate about that drug...

Rita Wilson

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson were one of the first celebrities to be tested positive with coronavirus. The news spread concern amongst his fans and after staying in quarantine for about two weeks, Tom and Rita are safe and are back to Los Angeles now. 

Recently, Rita Wilson has opened up on her recovery process to CBS and she has some important details to share.

In a conversation, Rita talked about her medication and how she was treated with chloroquine - a drug to cure malaria and other inflammatory conditions. She also mentioned suffering from 102-degree fever on the 9th day of her contracting the virus.

"I know people have been taking this drug, but I can only tell you that I don't know if the drug worked or it was just time for the fever to break," she said. "My fever did break, but the chloroquine had such extreme side effects," the actress further stated.

Rita gave a detailed account of the side-effects that she faced after being treated with chloroquine.

I was completely nauseous and I had vertigo. I could not walk and my muscles felt very weak. I think people have to be very considerate about that drug. We don't know if it's helpful in this case.

- Rita Wilson

She also revealed experiencing extreme chills, body aches and lost her taste and smell after having been diagnosed with COVID-19. She believes that it is the same person whom both, Tom and her contracted the virus from as their family members, work team and other close contacts have tested negative.

The Forrest Gump star, Hanks, had been in the land down under filming an upcoming Elvis biopic before director Baz Luhrmann suspended filming.

"All I can say is all of our close contacts, family, our work team, no one has tested positive," Wilson added.

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