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Tom Cruise Are you listening? Farah Khan wants to make you Dance on Bollywood songs!

Farah Khan made an appearance at the ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI) Goa. She spoke about her dream and journey so far!


So far Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan has had an extravagant journey in the industry, but she hasn't completed her goal yet. The choreographer-filmmaker recently revealed that she aims at making Hollywood star Tom Cruise dance and it is her dream. 

“I definitely want to make Tom Cruise dance. That’s been a dream,” she said on Wednesday.

Reminiscing about her journey during a session at the ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI) Goa, she clarified a dance song with the Hollywood star might still be a dream but in Bollywood. 

Farah gathered almost every star in her song Deewangi Deewangi. They were some who couldn’t make it. “I wanted Aamir (Khan) in it. I wanted one shot to have the three Khans together. Aamir drove me crazy for ten days. He couldn’t make it because he was editing Taare Zameen Par,” she recalled.

She also spoke about the adventures roping stars for her songs. She had missed an opportunity to star Dilip Kumar in the video of the song and that Shah Rukh Khan was supposed to help her in bringing the veteran actor shoot for the song. But it didn’t work out.

She also talked about the iconic song Chaiyya Chaiyya. “We couldn’t get permission to shoot at the station, so we managed to shoot it on top of a train. We did it in four days and no one fell,” she quipped. The video featured Malaika Arora along with Shah Rukh.

“We had approached Shilpa (Shetty) to Raveena (Tandon), a lot of actors but no one did it. Malaika did the song and became a star after that,” said the choreographer, who is “fed up of remixes”.

Farah has roped many famous Bollywood celebrities for her songs and while she still manages to do the same, fans love watching her work hard to add aesthetic value to her songs. 

But, roping Tom Cruise for a Bollywood song is quite huge and it can also work in Farah’s favour! 

You never know!


Farah Khan

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