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Bollywood actress Tejaswini Kolhapure and Tulip Joshi expresses views on 'Terrorism'.

The recent terrorist attack on Mumbai had a great impact on everyone's mind. Even people from film fraternities came forward to express their views on 'Terrorism'. Bollywood actress Tulip Joshi and Tejaswini Kolhapure too, shares few words on what they feel about it.

Says actress Tejaswini Kolhapurhe who will be seen in Maniratnam's  next Ravana "I am horrified saddened for the loss and angry with what was happened… Enough of the spirit of Mumbai talks… We as citizens should wake up forward and act… Not depend on politicians anymore."

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Tulip Joshi says "Thanks to my boyfriend who is an ex-commando, I have an insight into the psyche of our special forces. They are made of a different material. Terrorism cannot succeed in India simply because Indians are farmers and would rather give up their life than their land. These terrorists should be dealt with utmost ruthlessness."

Well, everyone thinks its time to act. But saying is not doing.Are we ready for action?

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