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'Till date Aek Chabi has not got a single hoarding'- Varun Badola

The well known face Varun Badola is right here at Telly Buzz, answering some of the questions put forth by our very own India-Forums members...Here it goes...

Published: Wednesday,May 07, 2008 09:12 AM GMT-06:00
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He can dance, he can sing and he surely can act very well!! This is the multi-talented Varun Badola for you all!! Fondly known as Sandeep Babu of Aek Chabi Hai Pados Mein, Varun gets candid with our Telly Buzz reporter just for his India-Forums fans.

Here is the actor answering the questions put forth by members of India-Forums...
Till date Aek Chabi has not got a single hoarding- Varun Badola
Why does STAR Plus keep changing the time slot of Aek Chabi and no other serial?
I think it is for the channel to decide. We can only request. If they have followed a certain policy, they would not break it.

How is the track of Aek Chabi Hai Pados Mein proceeding now?
If I told you that then why would people watch it?? Well it is going to take a twist. It is something that people might have comprehended before. I think people will agree to what is shown, in the sense that people are used to watching happy endings and its not that we are not heading towards it!

We love 'Aek chabi....’ and think its really a unique show in the midst of melodramas everywhere. But why is it not getting the promotion it deserves?
The best that an actor can do is to speak to people like you and make audience aware about the show and whenever we get the time and opportunity, we try and speak about the show. But at the end of the day even our hands are tied up and there isn’t much the actors can do except for talking to the media. I think nothing can be better when compared to the way in which channels promote their serials. When Aek Chabi … was going on air, Star said they have stopped doing promotion and surprisingly today we see a lot of promotion for other shows. Believe me till date we did not get a single hoarding put up.

Has Star Plus indicated that you may have to wrap this unless ratings go up?
No nothing like that (Pauses) where do you want to see the ratings? At 7.30 slots you can’t get great ratings as it’s a very awkward time. Having said this, I think Aek Chabi is one of the shows whose repeat show has more telecast than the original one.

Why does Suhasi disappear for at least one episode every month?
As she has got some prior commitments and also she is doing some films too!! (when asked is that the only reason, he replies)…what else can it be!

What’s up with your hair? Any plans to cut it?
Yaa, planning to cut it by a hair stylist but, currently trying to give it some more length (grins).

When you direct and write Chabhi episodes, why doesn’t your name appear in the credits?
It really doesn’t matter to me. People who want to know, they know it right? When I would handle a show all alone then I would talk more on this issue, but currently I just pitch in as I am not the sole director of the show.

Will characters like Zoya, Vaibhav, Sagar, Sharmila ever return to the show?
They would but the problem is that nobody seems to find time now and everyone is busy with their shoots and this is the reason for their disappearance from the show!

Author and Reporter: Binita RamchandaniALSO READ: Akanksha Juneja says,”I am single and my only focus is on my work“

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Ron @ronshaan 10 years ago Reading this article
I must say the fans asked simple questions at that time
that too for the show and hmm people minded his hairs but he looks cute in that look as well !!!
it was nice to read this old article !!

well I feel Lucky that I asked him directly what ever I wanted to ask :)
varun badola down to earth person , great singer, actor and dancer and sooo on n on n on !!!
Nice article
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Bright Sunshine
Bright Sunshine @Bright Sunshine 15 years ago i think this serial is awesome.. no drama s no plots and all..

just a plain thing which happens in daily lives...

its really under-rated.. it should be rated far higher than it is...
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zoya @legallyzoya 15 years ago I havent watched it. but after readin this epi i think i shud :D
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
milli @-milli- 15 years ago oooo i LOVE this show :D its so funny...cant wait til sandeep babu cuts his hair ;]
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Jas @Jaslove 15 years ago I love this show, the title song is so catchy, Varun sure rocks the show

& the four kham chors of the show too lolz...
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Monu-SunNaa @Monu-SunNaa 15 years ago I hope Star Plus starts to promote this show properly, its a good entertainer.
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Ishanvii @Ishanvii 15 years ago ACHPM rocks..A very sensible serial where each and every other character do matter and the cast is extremely talented..I hope SP promotes it properly in the future..

Thanks for the cool interview..
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hindu4lyf @hindu4lyf 15 years ago this show is great!
and it deserves all the praise it gets and much much much more!
go varun!
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Rita Shah
Rita Shah @Rita Shah 15 years ago I love this show. I like Varun's and his love interest(forgot her name) work. I can't say anything about Varun. He is great Artist.
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MYTRI @mytri 15 years ago thanks TB after along time we get to listen from varun really he is a good artist &the show is unique i hope star plus promotes it well
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