Tie between Gauhar and Baichung..

Gauhar and Baichung remain inseparable this week in terms of points, courtesy their fabulous performances..

The pre-finale tension is mounting on Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa as Gauhar Khan and Baichung Bhutia are trying hard to out beat the other on the dance floor!!

3ccording to our source, "Both Baichung and Gauhar gave their best performance this week, and the judges found it difficult to rate them. The level of competition amongst both is so high that they could not be separated even in points, as they ended up a tie".

Elaborating on the performance of Gauhar our informer adds, "She was perfect and her attitude portrayed that she deserved to win. Her Kisna act was very much appreciated by the judges. She was dressed in the attire of Krishna and gave a powerful performance and fetched good marks".

Baichung was equally good. "Baichung and Sonia performed on the rumba act and it was a nice sight to watch. The dance involved risk as they jigged on top of two tables and a chair which they used as props. Sonia was fabulous as she jumped from one place to another,", chirps the little birdie.

Prabhu Deva too liked both their performances. "He was amazed to see Baichung dancing and grooving with Sonia", concludes the source.

The countdown has now begun to crown the Dancing Sensation in the Third Season of Jhalak.. May the best win..

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Prabhu Deva

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Gauahar Khan

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I hope bhaichung wins ..i just love his all performances and his innocent face..awww..isn''t he cute :-)

15 years ago

i agree with all KSG fans .... this show is not only about dancing ... infact it consists of only celebrities for a reason! it is completely a popularity contest and they should have realized this when they came up with this idea for a show like this and why are they complaining now? don''t teh stupid judges know they can only be one winner? they should stop trying to bring Karan down by giving him low marks and saying bad stuff about him just to even out the floor cause karan is getting high votes and (in their opinion) Gauhar and baichung are better dancers

15 years ago

anybody can say watever he or she wants,winners remain deaf to stupid critization n to people who only aim to discourage the participant
he is good dancer,saroj is a mad women,she has lost sense of dance so her career is so ruined,she was so stupid to call karan bekar dancer,the words were rude than required
karan''s true n loyal fans know his day shedule,his hard work aur his popularity han''t grown to mount everest by magic he is worth all the love n appreciation his fans give him
he is very deserving n he will win jhalak for sure,,with all love n respect,
dogs bark its there nature,so harsh words aren''t audible nor pay any effect on dearest n most hardworking person SOMEONE CAN EVER BE,karan.
best luck to karan,i love u for ur calmed reactions to all such bullshit people

15 years ago

it was very rude on saroj ji''spart to call karan a bekaar dancer...aren''t there non dancers on the show..and thanks to nicole that karan did not grow in his dancing...its not his fault ...people is there one more performance left ?? hope so cause then he still has 1 last chance to shut the judges up

15 years ago

sadly history repeats itself! and the most popular always wins

15 years ago

karan isn''t eliminated!!He is gonna win the show!He is here because of his performance...not coz of the votes!Every1 says lyk that!Only his true fans know how hard he has worked!!

15 years ago

Most talented shud win...not the one wid more votes...

15 years ago

The most deserving candidate should. i just hope history doesn''t repeat this time.

15 years ago

bo riddhimaa
karan is nt eliminiated 2day''ep ''s marks will hav an tie btween guahr n bb!!
karan has to win!! he cant b eliminated nt evn in dreams!!! luk plz dnt bash me!!
its my opinion!!!

15 years ago

what means (tie between BB & GH )
is karan is eliminated????
or what????
where is karan???
i wish & hope Karan will win....

15 years ago

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