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Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down : 3rd -10th June

Catch the weekly twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its audience. A thumbs up where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down where it fails to meet the expectations...

Published: Sunday,Jun 10, 2007 22:10 PM GMT-06:00
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Thumbs up or Thumbs Down - A weekly column in our News Hub - Telly Buzz that will give the latest twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its' audience. A thumbs up is where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down is where it fails to meet the expectations. So watch out every week to see Aye and Naye By the Crazy Creatives.

Thumbs Up

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki: Serial is at the most interesting phase with days left when Trishna will find out Janki is Parvati. Can someone please explain how does Parvati I mean Janki always reach at the right time at the right place before Trishna??

Banoo Main Tere Dulhan: The show has picked up again thanks to Shivani which brought Freshness in the show and helped Sagar and Vidya to reunite, Finally the creative head thought no use dragging the plot as its time for Sagar to be normal.

Saath Phere: This week the show shocked us with many twists & turns. Pia(Nahar's sister) returned with a secret, Kaveri lost her kid, & the most shocking & interesting twist was the entry of Sachin Schroff as" Manno bhabhi's son."....Kudos to the writers for giving us a truly interestinjg week.

Kasamh Se: After weeks of agony, we are able to give this show a round of applause. Reason this week Pia, one of telly's most apprehensible/hated villians, got a taste of her own medicine. "Jasi karni wasi Bharni"

Amul Star Voice of India: Some really great singers found in the Jaipur audition round. Well Star might not have first move advantage but you cannot ignore Gajendra’s direction when it comes to musical show.

Thumbs Down

Kayamath: Too much drama is happening in Kayamath serial between miss goody Prachi and revenge queen Ayesha. Viewers are getting bored as they are missing Jay in action.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan: The serial was going superb with Sarwasti finaaly taking sweet revenge against her evil husband Bhavisya. But a new twist with Sarawati pregnant somehow is a big turn off for the audience.

Thode Khushi Thode Gaam: Seems the best new thing in Indian Television is to introduce a twin of a popular character. Jab Lub Hua did it with Raghu’s twin Kanhayia and now it is Thodi Khushi Thode Gaam turn, with Babuji's long lost twin brother Dhansukh. But the serial once a TRP topper has now totally lost its charm

Kasuti Zindigi Ki: The new Anurag as Pratham Mittal is still not managing to pull off the show. The show is dragging with the new generation somehow being unimpressive.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: A big turnoff in Kyunki with Smirti Irani’s exit. Well, it is said that Tulsi and Mihir’s are an ideal couple. But would like to ask Mihir whenever Tulsi needs your support at the worst of her time you are never there and when she is gone you will sit and cry?? Its rightly said "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"!!

Dulhan  Bhabhi 

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Iqra @Mrs.SalmanKhan 16 years ago lol I knoe I alwaiiz wonder the same thing..when tulsi is in hardship hez nvr there, and then he cries like devdas ? lol
thnks foe the thumbz up&thumbz down!
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JK Dhillon @Angelic_J 16 years ago I was feeling exactly the same specially about KGGK and Kyunki. Smriti's exit has really angered me to say the least. I understand Smriti needed a break but it would have been much better if they had NOT replaced her character instead focused on the new generation for time being and then bring back Tulsi:D but no they had to RUIN it:@
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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago I so agree for all the Thumbs Down but not for GKLB!i think its a nice turn!But depends on all the audience!
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Anishma mahabier @anishma24 16 years ago can't wiat for this weeks thumbs up shows!
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_n.i.k.i.t.a_ @_n.i.k.i.t.a_ 16 years ago Pia unknowingly gets married to Tony the Butler. Bani doesn't seem to b playing the great Durga Dasgupta. Go for acting classes, dear. I Love Vidya, never disappoints me. LOL...Saraswati, pregnant, how on earth did she hv a relationship wid Bhav? Sum1 seeking revenge, suddenly forgot 2 control herself...hahaha...Kaveri loses her child, when was there ever a child, look @ her tummy, there's nothing, all FLAT...Doesn't Mannobhabhi recognise her own son, oh dear!
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rimjhim @reemx 16 years ago I agree wit u when tulsi needed mihir he wasn't there and now he cries LOL. Great to see kasam se hitting the charts and most of all pia getting a taste of her on medicine. Cant't stand her
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shareen @shareen 16 years ago I really agree wid it.Especially wid kayamath.It's getting quite boring.We want to see more of neev-prachi n not ayesha-prachi.
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Priyanka @priyankap 16 years ago these thumbs r really goin the way i expectd for these shows...
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Prestigious @Prestigious 16 years ago oh no .. saraswati is pregnant??
That sure is a big thumbs down.. Lets see whats next...

I just love this review.. Knowing which show is doing well or not so well is very interesting.. Thanks a lot
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kelly @kelly12 16 years ago every show is the same old..specially kyunki is gettin soooo boring nd kausti to..they need to change the storyline a little
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