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Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down - 30th June - 4th July

Catch the weekly twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its audience. A thumbs up where the audience likes the track, and a thumbs down where it fails to meet the expectations!!

Published: Wednesday,Jul 09, 2008 12:13 PM GMT-06:00
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Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down - A weekly column in our News Hub - Telly Buzz that will give the latest twists and turns in the serials brought about to capture its' audience. A thumbs up is where the audience likes the track and a thumbs down is where it fails to meet the expectations...

Thumbs Up

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Sangam: Alas, this show came here!! Finally what we saw was the thing we expected it from a long time, and that was the reunion of Sagar & Ganga. After all those misunderstandings, finally they settled for clearing those, and we got the lovely pair back to our homes, and we just hope that this happiness lasts for a little more time before again any storms being created for the couple.Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat: Finally, finally, what viewers have been waiting for has finally happened! Yudhishtir and Rani have finally seen each other, and now Yudhishtir goes to meet Rani as well in the temple. Though Rani is forced to tell him that her love was just a 'show', viewers have nothing to be disappointed about, as it seems that Yudhishtir will still not give up on her and will not believe what he said. It is such a relief for viewers to see them together after such a long time... let's hope it stays this way and they don't get separated again!Choona Hai Aasmaan: Unfortunately, this show is coming to an end soon, but certainly the exciting suspense of last week's episodes are keepin the viewers on the edge of their seats to find out what happens next! Abhimanyu and Samrat finally trap Haider Sheikh, but to their dismay, he gets away. The twist between Sameera and Shikha is still yet to be found, but as the loose ends of the story are being tied, the serial is certainly getting more exciting. Let's hope that the Hawks shall prevail in the end!Sapna Baabul Ka Bidaai: Finally, Sonia's entire truth was revealed in front of the Rajvansh's and she was kicked out. Sadhna's name was cleared and everyone apologised to her for misunderstanding her and her intentions. Peace regains again in the Rajvansh house, and now, with Sonia and her evil intentions out of the way, the path is clear for Ranvir and Ragini to unite... this new love story which will be coming soon will hopefully make the viewers even happier! Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009: Yes, the very well-known and loved music reality show is back, and with such a big bang!! Viewers were elated to see their favourite host Aditya Narayan back in action, along with the entry of the new and some old judges. It certainly was a great weekend, as it seems like the new singers coming into this show are going to be really promising later on. We can't wait to see what happens next, and how the singers will evolve as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is back!

Thumbs Down

Parrivaar - Kartavya ki Pariksha: We certainly can't understand where this show is heading!! One thought that Swapnil’s entry will add up to the show but it is failing given the fact that he really is using cheap acts to play games with Radha, and Radha being on the other side is doing everything but not revealing any truth to Shlok. Also it seems a slight chance of showing Shlok and Aarti together, which again is a no-no for the audiences. Anyways, given the prospects, the show is having a little chance to survive if they don’t change the story line soon and show some positive factors towards the protagonist.  Kasamh Se: We thought that after the Jai-Pronita wedding some things will change. But Meera is continuing her acts of spoiling the children and Pronita being not able to do anything. If Pronita plays one game successfully, Meera equals it to ten leaving the audiences to worry whether ever the children will follow a good path or no. It’s really tiring to see Pronita’s helplessness and Meera winning the games at ease, please creatives give some good reasons for us too smile!! This show has failed to draw attention of the audience...Sujata: Once again, Sujata is being put through turmoil. After her husband and daughter create a big scene between Jatin and Shaila, Sujata must try and re-concile differences with her best friend. But it looks like, once again, she is all alone, getting no support from her family... why must the viewers have to see this constantly? Can't we have a much bolder character, and let Sujata talk to her family more boldly so she can stand up for herself? Hopefully this will happen soon!Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan: For some time, this serial was going well, as many viewers thought the daughters could prevail in the household, but another problem has risen again. This time, Niyathi loses her baby due to an accident, but unfortunately, Savitri is blamed for this. The news also comes out that Niyathi cannot become a mother again, which only adds to the problems in the household. Menka is also acting very suspicious, and pays someone to find out who is blackmailing her. We hope we can see some happiness back in this show, please!
Humari Devrani: The tactics in this serial by the Jhetaanis are going too far. How much more will they make Bhakti work?? Though Mohan is continuing to support Bhakti, it seems that Bhakti isn't going to do anything either to stand up to the Jhetaanis. There is only so much one can do in the house... please, let us see more sense in this show and see Bhakti standing up for herself instead of being pushed around by the others!

Please note: There are lot of shows and to give fair chance to all we try to cover all the shows alternatively! The views expressed in this article are solely by the author.

Authors: Resham, Noodles, Ammu

Radha Mohan Aditya Narayan Love Story  Sangam 

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nims6 14 years ago raja ki aayegi baraat one and only show
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arabian_love 14 years ago i dont like cha last episodes as the creatives of cha has shown that veer sir is in coma,i don't want veer sir in coma.and creatives of cha are not showing bravery about veer sir ,i like veer sir in cha,i only watch cha for veer sir.i hate to watch last week episodes of cha.the two last week episodes of cha should get a thumbs down.
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fire_woman 14 years ago Have to agree with the Thumbs Down for Parivaar - and I really like the show! The creatives really need to decide what direction the main characters are going in and get on with it! Seriously, how much crying can one woman do? Sadly, the show is beginning to be a bit of a drag. = (
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swanithak 14 years ago Thumbs up is really true , Sangam deserves .
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-Humaira- 14 years ago no dmg?.....anyways it will always get a thumps up!:)
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--Princess-- 14 years ago The weirdest thing is Hamari Devrani was in thumbs up last week and this week in thumbs down !!

Can't figure out wether to laugh or be amused !

I don't watch that show anyway !
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[email protected] 14 years ago i think both thumbs are true but i was surprised at kasamh se and beityaan
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wackysharu 14 years ago thumbs down section is actually true man....
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pinky_blueskies 14 years ago where's DMG?? ;p
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