Three Cheers to the New Host Aditya - SRGMP Saturday Preview

Get Ready for the First Elimination in the Agnipariksha Round! Catch Aditya Narayan multitasking as Anchor cum Judge!!

Published: Saturday,Jul 07, 2007 22:41 PM GMT-06:00
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With the starting of the Agnipariksha round in SRGMP, now also starts single elimination every week. The contestants will have to work really hard so that they can all pass this "Agnipariksha". None of them can afford to make mistakes anymore and also see to it that they impress the audience with their mind blowing performances for grabbing the votes. And all this they will have to start proving from day 1. Phew! Tall order, certainly.

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The episode will start with the cute Aditya performing with all the 14 finalists on the SaReGaMaPa song. Lot of media reports are coming about Aditya and Mouli and after this performance, Himesh decides not to let this issue go unnoticed on the sets too. He will be teasing both Mouli and Aditya making sure to unfold this drama now on the show. Both feel very embarrassed. Worth watching will be Mouli. The way she is going to blush on stage at just the mention of Aditya's name will definitely be a give away. Seems Zee is going to make full use of this new Blooming Friendship between the two for their own TRP rise. Aditya is getting all the focus for the past two weeks. While in first week he got a kiss from one of his female fans and now its the talk about Mouli and Aditya. This evidently proves Ismail Darbar statement and the chota baccha has now really grown up!!

Himesh will again be leaving the seat of judges this week. He makes Aditya the judge in his place this time. This upsets and annoys both the participants and other mentors. How can the host be the judge? And if he is the judge then who is going to host the show? Or is it that in this episode Aditya is going to do multitasking!! Well all this will get revealed on Saturday itself.

It is again Anik Dhar, who is going to give a brilliant performance in this episode. He is going to sing the song "Ya Ali" from gangster and he does full justice to the song. Seems this contestant is getting into the habit of giving consistent performance to make up for his mentor's habit of leaving the judge's seat.

From now on in the following weeks, we can expect some brilliant performances, some more drama and controversies for the TRPs, the mentors fight and all the fun that you expect from the reality show like Saregamapa. So, if you have not yet chosen your favourite, then this is the right time to choose and start cheering them up. To know more on what happens on the show and who excels the other's performance, stay tuned and keep watching Saregamapa on Saturday at 10 PM only on Zee TV.

Author: Barnali

Ismail Darbar

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_n.i.k.i.t.a_ 15 years ago i missed today's ep as i was busy surfing the web, i was hearing from the room though, i realised there was smtg wrong in the micr, luckily i didn't watch it...my ears wld hv burst with noise-pollution...
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reemx 15 years ago That's going to b interesting!!!!!!!!!!! They make a cute couple but mayb there just friends , But you know the media they always add a little mirch and masala to spice it up. IT will be a shock if something is going on between them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
adorablenabs 15 years ago lolz.. cant wait to watch it.. i think Mouli and Adi make a cute couple so i hope the rumor is tru!!
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zinny.xo 15 years ago Can't wait to see this. Thanks for the article :)
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snowflake0555 15 years ago OMG so the whole Mauli-Aditya thing is true? hmmm maybe they are just friends, but the media people steamed it up and made it sound like they really were BF/GF. =p
lol thanks for the preview OMG poor Aditya he's gonna get embarassed again haha and yup, Aneek is rly good!
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Prestigious 15 years ago Great article! Boy, Anik Dhar is one to watch out for.. Quite talented! =)
but I'm still a Mussarat fan .. hehe
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SRFrosy 15 years ago wow adiis gonna be the judge its so nice but poor mauli n adi
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-Ami- 15 years ago wow..adi's gunna judge and host?
can't wait to watch this..
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live_life 15 years ago cool, i love this show=D lolz adi in judge seat, i gotta see tiz
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shabzz123 15 years ago Cant wait to watch it.. its gonna be so much fun
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