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This Veteran Actor Roped In For Zee TV's Upcoming Romantic Drama!

It is a unique love tale of two people who are very much opposite, yet alike.

Published: Friday,Apr 07, 2017 12:09 PM GMT-06:00
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Rasik Dave, who has been a part of many popular Television shows is back to the TV screens. He will play a pivotal role in Zee TV's upcoming romantic drama, 'Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi', produced by Deejaa Films and Pixx Productions.

The promo of Aisi Deewangi came yesterday and seems to be an interesting one. It is a unique love tale of two people who are very much opposite, yet alike.

As per the promo, actors Pranav Mishra and Jyoti Sharma will play the leads in the show.

And now, according to our sources, Rasik Dave has been roped in to play the father to the male lead in this drama.

As per sources, "Rasik will play the role of Dharam Singh Rathod, a powerful character in the show. He will have shades of positivity as well as negativity."

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ViTharvforever 5 years ago The show would be entirely different if they showed vividha a single mother post leap.

But no.they shud insert mr.vyas sumwhere in Vitharv's love story long viewers will tolerate the lead couple seperated for an useless third angle...

However JNDSD was never Ravish n Vividha's love tuk a very bold step on typical forced marriages...

StarPlus shud not air any show on this slot if they expect 3.0 trps ...this show brought the dead slot to life...
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whispa 5 years ago There's still alot of ViTharv and Madhav's story to be told in this show. Vikram Singh Chauhan and Shivani Surve are amazing.
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-Drama_Queen- 5 years ago not fair...they shouldnt have introduced Ravish in the show as a love interest for Vividha :(
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available1 5 years ago the same with me. i became huge fan of vikram & shivani but since makers hv planned shashank's pair oposit shivani i stopped watching THOUGH shashank is an amazin actor but cudnt digest ravish-vividha togethr. the story has bcm hum dil de chuke sanam's tv version. good its goin off air.,best wishes to all 3 leads. u al were grt guys
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LiveDaemon 5 years ago Good riddance, like others have said. I watched the serial at the beginning, until they totally sabotaged Atharv's character & made him love sick for a girl who was a complete doormat for her father. On top of that, they ruined the character of her sister and killed her off: she would have been a better wife to Atharv.

These serials need to get away from these triangular love battles - it's really all over the place and pretty stale
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llMinHoll 5 years ago Good riddance! I do believe it's safe to say since Ravish was introduced it went down hill.. SV's character did absolutely nothing to elevate the show. Sucks really. Vikram Singh Chauhan and Shivani Surve should definitely take the credit for the little success this show had.
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Alikhan2158 5 years ago I can't say how happy I am that JNDSD is going off air. To be honest, the trio, Shivani Surve, Vikram Singh Chauhan and Shashank Vyas were wonderful. Even the 5:30pm slot was in their favour somehow. However, I think that what led the show its doom was the constant negativity of Suman and Kailash. I was mentally tortured watching the kinds of things Suman and Kailash were doing, especially Suman
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KhatamKahani 5 years ago The story wasn't one that could go on much longer than a year. They stuck to their plot (granted they could have still written and executed way better) till the leap, which was just a way for them to try to stretch, extend and have Vitharv separation. And even then, they could have done the leap with a decent, thought-out screenplay. Instead they just went for stupidity.

The title and tag line says it is about Atharva's.and Vividha's story no matter what world says and how they are separated. So to those who want to call Vividha all sorts of names, you expected and thought this show would follow your favorite regressive tropes of shaadi being end all and luckily and thankfully makers didn't go that way. The most the makers did is tease and be ambiguous during various times, but anyone bothered paying attention could tell it wasn't going to be Ravish-Vividha love story.

No matter what, JNDSD broke the regressive trope fans love to hold dear in their heart that any kind of marriage to a non-villain is the OTP. Hence the reason why Ravish could never be and should never be negative, unlike the wishes of some Vitharv fans. And no, his entry and the forced marriage didn't ruin the show. That was the the very plot of the show. That these lovers would not be defeated through honor killing attempts and forced marriages.

And yeah. JNDSD is a success show in breaking believe regressive forced marriage trope. As much as some may want to point to the show coming to an end and claim it and Vitharv are a flop. Sorry to disappoint you but the show will have lived out and stayed true to its premise, tag line and title till the end. And the Vitharv will ensure the show's views live on through Hotstar.

2017-03-27 13:46:56
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KK84 5 years ago This show got ruined the day shashank/ravish entered the show. Someone who has no respect for their co stars is still there in the show, how I don't understand but yeah the show got ruined from the day Vividha got married and a non existent triangle was forced upon.

Nonetheless, all credit due to the most amazing and brilliant actor Vikram Singh Chauhan. This show would've shut long ago if it wasn't for Vikku and Shivani.

A shame the makers totally screwed up one of the. Best pairs ever shown on tv. These guys define chemistry.
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SamW92 5 years ago Excellent news ! The lead character of Vividha is one of the worst in the history of Indian tv shows. Rather confused character. The way Vividha handled Atharv was horrible. Atharv was hard done by. The kid wasn't necessary at all. Ravish just complicated the storyline. Not interested to see Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam/Dhadkan recreation. Star Plus should air shows like Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai (Krystle), Tu Mera Hero, Bidaai, Behenein, Amrit Manthan (Life OK), Dill Mill Gayye (Star One).
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