This NEWLY-WED Tv actress will now be called Anaisha Asrani!

A change of name with a change of life!

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A bride changing her surname post marriage is a common norm that the world follows. However, there are rare instances, where we see a lady changing her name along with the surname after marriage.

We are talking about actress, Dimple Jhangiani. Dimple recently had a fairy-tale dream wedding with diamond merchant, Sunny Asrani, on the 9th of December 2016. However, post a Cinderella-themed wedding, Dimple had some news for one and all.

According to a leading news daily, Dimple mentioned that as she belongs to a Sindhi family, she had a traditional true-blue Sindhi wedding. And apparently, it is a custom in their family to change the bride's name during the pheras.

And following the custom, Dimple has now changed her name to Anaisha Asrani. The name change is supposed to bring in good luck for the couple.

We wish the couple loads of congratulations and a great future ahead!

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Dimple Jhangiani

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Why change her first name?! Anyway, congrats to them!!

7 years ago

Wait... so she's officially changing her name? Cause I'm Sindhi too, but everyone I know just goes by 2 different names.
Anyways have a happy married life Anaisha Asrani

7 years ago

wish you a avery very bright future mrs.Anaisha Asrani.

7 years ago

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