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This is how Neil and Avni will get married in 'Naamkarann'!

Here are a few details on how the 'bride swap' will happen.


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Mahesh Bhatt's Star Plus show 'Naamkarann' recently lost its main antagonist, veteran actress Reema Lagoo, who was essaying the character of Dayavanti Mehta in the show. 

However, as they say, life must go on. After a day of mourning, the cast and crew is back to work. The makers also brought in 'Saraswatichandra' actress Ragini Shah, as Reema Lagoo's replacement.

The show is currently showcasing the wedding of Neil (Zain Imam) and Riya (Nalini Negi), where the audience will see the same old 'bride swap' happening. But this bride swap will be a little hatke

And here's how.

As seen in the previous episodes, Avni (Aditi Rathore) and Ali (Gautam Vig), have successfully planted doubt in Riya's mind that Neil does not love her. Also, when Riya questions Neil, his no answer stance convinces Riya further, that maybe Avni is right.

This instills doubt in Riya's mind and she decides to run away from the Mehta household and her marriage with Neil. Riya even gets her tickets booked to leave the town, but at the last moment Dayavanti catches hold of Riya and brings her back. She even threatens Riya that she would send her to the same place that she sent Avni years ago (indirectly she threatens to kill Riya just like she did to Avni). Forcefully, Riya is made to go through all the pre-marriage rituals.

However, things take a turn when Neela (Sayantani Ghosh) and Shweta (Shruti Ulfat) tie Riya up, thereby not letting her reach the wedding mandap. Avni then dresses up as the bride and gets married to Neil.

And then goes Dayavanti's plan of taking Neil's money and leaving the country with Amol for a toss!

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Zenab78 2 years ago they all are rocking in Namkarann
Zain Imam
Aditi Rathore
Gutam Vig
Nalini Negi
Sayantani Ghosh
Shruti Ulfat
charlottedias05 2 years ago Zain Imam Aditi Rathore are the best
Love Naamkarann
Avneil rocks...
yajna1956 2 years ago Zain Imam Aditi Rathore are the best
Love Naamkarann
Avneil rock...
Shruthi231 2 years ago Love you zain imam and aditi rathore!!!Avneil rocks
yajna1956 2 years ago Aditi Rathore and Zain Imam are wonderful in Naamkarann...
Avneil rock...
natzcreado 2 years ago Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore you guys are magical in Naamkarann...
Keep slaying...
Ooolalala 2 years ago Zain Imam Aditi Rathore are the best
Love Naamkarann
Its the best show and Zain Aditi are the best couple
Waiting for wedding track
natzcreado 2 years ago Dint want the same bridal swap drama in Namkaran too. Hope atleast it is executed differently. Tired of watching the hate-love story post bridal swap...
Aditi Rathore and Zain Imam you guys are adorable in Naamkarann...
preetz0110 2 years ago
Aditi Rathore and Zain Imam keep rocking. U guys are awesome...
soni595 2 years ago Ugh! I wish they would not have done the bride swap track. I don't like deceitful marriages because it takes away a person's right to choose who they want to marry. Anyhow, Zain Imam and Aditi do look beautiful together and the cast is pretty good too.
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