This actress REVEALS the biggest PRANKSTER on set & it is NOT Surbhi or Anita

Not even Pearl V Puri or Rajat Tokas...


The on-screen drama on Naagin 3 is nothing short of scintillating moments where the characters in the show are at constant loggerheads with each other due to some or the other reason. The intensity and thrill in the show are so high that you, as a viewer, may not have much of a breather when you're watching a particular episode except for the romantic moments between Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) and Mahir (Pearl V Puri).

However, as much animosity or hatred the characters have for themselves, the actors off-screen are not only the best of friends but also be a part of some hilarious shenanigans. 

Time and again, we come across posts from Anita Hassanandani, Rajat Tokas, Rakshanda Khan and other about the fun they have off-set and it is an absolute treat, isn't it? So, considering they have so much fun and play several pranks, you would want to put your bets on who the biggest prankster is, wouldn't you?

Well, recent entrant, Mreenal Deshraj went on to reveal as to who she thinks is the biggest prankster on the set-

We certainly did not expect the answer to be Ankit Mohan, who plays the role of Yuvraj in the show. But we will now be looking forward to some of them, right?
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munni_rajatfan 2019-03-04T09:07:45Z rajat tokas really enjoys with this team. love u all.
Shaina_b 2019-03-03T10:00:30Z Naagin 3 was going great but now it needs to end!!!

munni_rajatfan 2019-03-03T08:55:34Z rajat tokas deserves the best. i hope he gets his deserving place.
leenuguru 2019-03-03T06:48:01Z Pearl V Puri my sweetheart i love you so much
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