This actor to play the 'Ghar Jamai' in 'Gangaa'..!

New angle to a new storyline...

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The And TV popular show 'Gangaa,' recently went through a major development. Apart form actress Aditi Sharma being the protagonist, the character of Gangaa has come through a complete turnaround in life.

And this has enabled the entry of actor Shakti Anand, who will be playing the NEW lead. It is also being said that the family of Shakti's character will be one like never seen before.

And with the story developing to a new angle, another actor has been roped in to play a pivotal role in the show. Actor Rajesh Balwani has been finalized to play the role of a 'ghar jamai' in the show, where he will be the brother-in-law to Shakti Anand's character.

We wish the actor All The Best for this new venture..!

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