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Things To Look Forward To in 'Bigg Boss 13' Sunday

The Sunday Episode will bring in a lot more twists and turns than you would expect.


Bigg Boss 13 has flagged off in a way that one would have expected it to be -  and that is in a controversial manner. There are already several people having problems with the things going on inside the house, comments passed by some housemates and everything else. Tonight will be yet another continuation in that direction, and these are the things you would like to note down before watching tonight's episode.

Salman Khan's Task Time With Contestants

It is always the small or big tasks that Khan does with the housemates that spark a lot of content per se. That will continue tonight too as he will have the contestants wear balloons on their heads and have others asking to poke those balloons if they feel any of them has a 'galat fehmi ka gubbara' (misunderstanding themselves to be something or not). Shefali Bagga's comments on Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai's comments on Siddharth Dey have already cut to promos, so it would certainly be fun to see what others said or did not.

The First Sultaani Akhada Task

One of the prime moments of giving content for the past couple of years, this year will also see the task being performed. The first of the many will happen tonight and it will between both the Siddharths of the house, While, physically it may seem a no contest between them, the word tussle between Dey and Shukla would be something to look forward to indeed.

Hina Khan's staggering entry and Twists With Her Appearance

As expected, if you are getting one of the most popular contestants of the show's history coming in, you have to give her a substantial segment. That is what happened as she will be in the storeroom meeting several contestants giving them a choice - to choose between a message from their loved ones or an important piece from the grocery. This dilemma will cause fights and of course, a lot of emotions too.


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ahilajkula 10 months ago Siddharth Shukla is the best in BB !
NatalyMusketeer 10 months ago Watching BB only for Siddharth Shukla...
SnehaExpression 10 months ago Boring episode but Hina khan was awesome. She is elegant, smart and has got a good screen presence.
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