'They came, danced and conquered all hearts'!

Aamir and Sanjeeda, the Nach Baliye 3 Champion Jodi talk...

Sweet & shy Sanjeeda Sheikh, Cute & more shy Aamir Ali..when joined the celebrity dance show Nach Baliye 3, were clearly the underdogs! But their hard work, and an electric mix of performances paid off at the end when their names were announced as the Champion Jodi! They made a place for themselves in viewers' hearts with their performances and endearing nature.. The darling of the judges & audiences' alike..

Aamir and Sanjeeda have been flooded with phone calls and interviews since last night. Plus they are back to work this morning. Still they took out time from their busy schedule to speak to Telly Buzz on the over all experiance.

How is it being crowned as the Nach Baliye 3 winning Jodi?

Aamir: We are ecstatic. I can't stop smiling. The fact that a non-dancer like me can win Nach Baliye, proves that nothing is impossible. We would like to thank all our fans for their love and support. Guy's without you, this moment would not have been possible.

Did luck play an important role in your victory?

I don't deny the importance of fate. But as mom says God help only those who help themselves. Unlike other contestants' who went all around the country campaigning, we paid more attention to our rehearsals.

Did you have a hint that you will win?

Come on how would we know? Had that been the case would we have been so nervous? My condition was bad that I went kinda loony and started laughing for no rhyme or reason. Sanji got angry at my weird behavior that she said, 'don't talk to me!'

Do you think they took too much footage before announcing the winner?

Not in the grand finale. But they sure made us crazy before declaring the first finalist.

What is your take on Rakhi’s walk out from stage?

Its very sad that she did that! This is a competition and one should be sporty enough to accept the verdict. Such actions unnecessarily spoil the atmosphere of the show, which other wise has been very good.

Your equation with the judges?

It's been great. All the 3 have been very classy. They are never insulting or rude. In fact we have incorporated many of their suggestions, and the results are there for every one to see.

Your strong on screen characters, played a important part in wooing audience support! Do you feel so?

We never deny the importance of our characters. But still the audiences have voted for Aamir and Sanjeeda as well.

Many people say that the excellent chemistry between the two of you also helped. What do you say?

When you love each other so much, it shows.

Talking about your performances, which round do you consider your best?

Sanjeeda: When Aamir got perfect scores in the solo round and then doing the table round was the toughest. When Chetan bounced that idea, we said, are your crazy? But he was adamant that we could pull it off.

Did you plan your every move?

Planning never works, we just took each round as it came. What others were doing or not doing did not come into our mind. For then, negativity starts to creep in. Its only when we came to Maha Muqabla that it sunk in that we have come so close to winning.

Can we see you together again on screen?

We have been offered a number of shows. Let’s see. It will be a great feeling to be working together. Nach has brought us more closer.

But don't you think that too much closeness leads to some problems?

Aamir (laughs): I can't bare her for 5 hours on Nach. I don't know how I will be enduring her in 12 hours shifts.

What gifts will you give to each other?

Sanjeeda: He just gave me a beautiful gift on my birthday.
Aamir : She does not give me anything.
Sanjeeda: I give him my love, what's more important than that?

Author: Anil Merani

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Sanjeeda Shaikh

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Oooooooo!!!!Hav a great time throught out the year after winning the nach baliye 3 Enjoyyyyyyy.....................

15 years ago

GAWD.....!!! i love thm.... theyre so simplistic sweet.... love u AS... u ool rock...!!! wish to see u both in a serial 1 day....!

16 years ago

aawwww ....thants great they won...i love them ....they're great....thanks so much for the article!!

16 years ago

Can some one tell me is Sanjeeda the same girl in Nimmo ka kya hoga show?

16 years ago

finally a show without any manipulaitons.congrats starplus for unbiased judgement. a& s were clear winners.rakhi better luck next time!!

16 years ago

awww.....their such a cute couple!..god bless

16 years ago

AS are so adorable. I totally love this Jodi. Congrats AS you deserved to win.


16 years ago

aww how cute lol =]
rakhi walked out?
thankz 4 d article

16 years ago

so sweettttttttt
i am so happy they won
luv u A&S

16 years ago

i think rakhi did correct thing.actually she deserved of winner this competation.she should fight with producer.she should check the telephone entry and coun ting is correct or not.i feal sorry for rakhi

16 years ago

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