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These Indian Shows Set During the Independence Era Will Deepen Your Love For Motherland!

Here is a list of Indian shows set during the pre-independence and Independence era, depicting patriotism and sacrifice for our mother nation…


India, a rich country with fertile soil, gold, minerals and an abundance of other natural resources has always attracted invaders and colonists. India’s independence struggle against the British Raj spanned a total of 90 years. However, colonisation in India started much before the Britishers arrived. From Dutch to Portuguese, parts of India were under the colonial rule since 1605.

On 15th August 1947, India officially became independent from the British rule (United Kingdom). Since 72 years, the day is commemorated as Independence Day and annually celebrated as a National holiday. The day also marks the partition of British India and creation of two independent dominions, Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

India’s history has always remained a subject of fascination for many and has been adapted in popular culture over the years. Time and again, India’s vast history has inspired many Television shows and movies. We have compiled a list of such Hindi TV shows which are set during the pre-independence and Independence era, depicting the struggle and sacrifice of India’s patriots.

Check out the list of shows below :


Tamas is a Television film, which was aired on Doordarshan as a mini-series. It was set in the backdrop of riot-stricken Pakistan during the time of India-Pakistan partition. It showed the struggle of emigrant Sikh and Hindu families stuck in Pakistan as a consequence of partition. Starring Om Puri, the film was an adaption of Sahitya Award-winning novel ‘Tamas’ by Bhishma Sahni.

Mohe Rang De

Mohe Rang De is a periodic drama which aired on Colors. The show starring Gavie Chahal and Prabhleen Sandhu was set in British Punjab during 1942 and showcased Kranti, the protagonist’s freedom struggle and how she changes the mindset of an England return Indian lawyer, Raajveer, who later joins the Quit India movement.


Lajwanti was a Zee TV show, which was based on Rajinder Singh Bedi's novel titled Lajwanti, Land of five rivers. The show starred Ankitta Sharma and Sid Makkar as Lajwanti and Sunderlal Bharadwaj, who fall in love during the time of partition and political upheaval.


Chandrashekhar was a biopic based on the life of late freedom fighter Chandrashekhar Azad. The show depicted the journey of the hero in three different timelines - his childhood, teenage years and adulthood when he sacrificed his family and life for the love of his country.


Yug presented a fictional story of freedom fighters that was telecast on Doordarshan. Notable actors like  Javed Khan, Pankaj Dheer, Sudesh Berry, Hema Malini, Shahbaz Khan, Mukesh Khanna, Ashwini Bhave, Vinod Kapoor and Abhimanyyu Raj Singh were part of the show.

1857 Kranti

1857 Kranti is a show produced by Sanjay Khan that was aired on Doordarshan. The show centred around the famous Indian Revolt of 1857.

Do you know any show which was set in the independence era? Let us know in the comments below.


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Shaina_b 3 months ago I remember one show on Freedom struggle in my childhood but don't remember the name!!!!
TC_FA 3 months ago Mohe rang de Was my favorite
caraj4u 3 months ago the blogger have no idea about the tv shows b4 the cable era, or else she would have definitely mentioned Buniyaad.
sparkling_gems 3 months ago Why there is no mention of Buniyaad, the mega show of DD, based on freedom struggle and the outcome of partition
made-in-charms 3 months ago Havent been fortunate enough to watch the other shows but Lajwanti was one of the best shows i have come across. It deserved more recognition.
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