These days one needs to be versatile in many things: Rohit Roy

Rohit Roy was in the news recently for his directorial venture 'Rice Plate' one of the 10 stories in 'Dus Kahaniyan' mainly because of the simplicity of his story.

Rohit Roy was in the news recently for his directorial venture 'Rice Plate' – one of the 10 stories in 'Dus Kahaniyan' mainly because of the simplicity of his story. His story has been termed as one of the best stories in the film. Lately, Rohit quit serials to act in films as he thought that he had to let go of many good roles in films due to his busy TV schedule. These days Rohi
t is busy shooting for Karan Razdan's 'Mittal Vs. Mittal'. This film has two time National Award winner Ritupurna SenGupta opposite Rohit and will also witness the return of Suchitra Krishnamurty, whose film 'Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa’ is remembered even today by cinema lovers.

When we caught him up at the shooting of the film , we saw Karan Razdan filming the marriage sequence of Rohit and Ritupurna in a lavish set. When we asked Rohit how he felt shooting marriage sequences, he said, "It is a bit disappointing, actually I hate shooting for marriage sequences. It is very hectic and much has to be prepared. It takes a lot of time and most of the time you have to wait in your green room. It also reminds me of my marriage with Mansi in real life."

Rohit was at his best behavior and took all humor in his stride. When asked what the USP of the film was, he said "Other than me, I will say it is the subject of the film. It has not been dealt before and I hope it is accepted well. This film is also special because the entire responsibility is on my shoulders and I am happy portraying a white-grey-black character. So, I am very excited doing such a role early in my career.”

When asked about Karan Razdan, he said it has been a good experience working with Karan. “It is the first time I am working with Karan. He has written a hard-hitting script, but the shoot is progressing so smoothly that I am enjoying doing this film.” When asked how does he find Ritupurna as a co-star, Rohit remarked, "It has definitely been the best experience. She is an award winning actress and whatever good you will see in my film , it will be because of her."

About the look and clothes in the film, Rohit said that all the Indian clothes have been designed by Sheetal Design Studio. “Sheetal has started designing my clothes in films recently and all the western clothes have been designed by Masculine. Even the suits that I wear in my real life are designed by Naresh (Masculine). They are good people and easy to work with.”

On his stint as a director with 'Rice Plate', Rohit said, "Those days are gone when you did only one thing and that was your profession. Today you need to do several things at the same time. I do acting, anchoring, anddirection as well as tried my hands at dancing and I can and may also try out singing, as I think I am good at it. I also think one should do things that you can carry off or do well. Why talk about me I have just started, you have examples like Karan Johar and Farhan Akhtar who are also doing several things at the same time. Farhan is ready with his debut film as an actor and Karan has done a show as an anchor. I feel you have one life time and you should do whatever you can. I only do the things that I can do. One should not crow on the stage and participate in a singing competition. He should only if he can or has knowledge about ‘sur’."

When asked where and how would he like to see his name in the credits, Rohit said, "Written and directed is the best combo, but jokes apart in my next film that I direct I would like the story to be written by me and I am working towards it." There was news that he is going to work in 'Mission Istanbul', but he said, "Apurva Lakhia is a friend and I had asked him what is happening with 'Mission Istanbul'. To this he said the dates of 'Alibaug' and ‘Mission Istanbul’ are clashing. So, there was no further talk on the issue."

Sonu Anand - (SAMPURN)

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