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'There is a perception that Akashh will win' Chitrashi Rawat

Chitashi Rawat, the little fire cracker talks on her elimination from Iss Jungle, the friends she made and much more exclusively to Telly Buzz...

Published: Monday,Aug 24, 2009 16:22 PM GMT-06:00
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The Chak De Haryanvi gal, Chitrashi Rawat who was the latest to be eliminated from Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao camp, talks about her stay in the creepy Malaysian forest.

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How was the experience of Iss Jungle?
It was great, I am an adventurous kind of girl who likes to go camping and live the hard life. I was kicked about the whole idea of doing tasks for food and emerging as a survivor. This was the reason why I said yes to this offer when it came along. I also wanted to do Fear Factor last year but my Comedy Circus dates clashed.
Any regrets on being eliminated?

People who come in via wild card don't last long; they just come for some time and leave. To be very honest, I never trust the entire voting system. Do people even vote? They told me that I was in the bottom two, I said fine. Then they said you are eliminated, I said cool.
Do you think that one of the reasons for your elimination was your lack of controversy?
I don't want to be noticed just for doing or saying certain things. Nobody really likes show-offs, they consider them silly. People want to watch real characters. I was what I am, a bindaas happy-go-lucky girl. Luckily, both my roles in Chak De and Fashion were similar to me in real life, so people already knew who the real Chitrashi was.
Although many people talk about the bold attitude of Negar Khan, we became very good friends. She is a very sweet girl. It is not right to label people just for the way, they dress. In fact she was the only girl in camp with whom I had a rapport with. Anaida and Mona were always in a different zone.
Your spat with Mika?
I don't want to dwell too much on things done for publicity. He told me some thing which I did not like; so I gave it back, period. Everybody saw what his real character was. The public is smart enough to know when people pull such stunts.
You and Jay were quite close?
We got to know each other as we entered at the same time. He is quite different from me; he is reserved and misses his family. I was kind to him. Soon we became real buddies, we would pull each others leg for small things.
Who do you think will win?
There is a perception that Akashh will win. But I prefer Chetan, for he is like an elder brother, always helping out and being a good sport. He also does not abuse. He is also very strong mentally and physically.

The main quality a winner needs is to maintain his cool, no matter what. You should keep your dignity intact, even if you loose.
Which were your best and worst tasks?
Among my three tasks, the dancing one was the best. At the end, I wanted more. All were surprised as to how could I be so cool with insects all over me. But I did not notice them, for I love dancing. 

The one task which I hated was my elimination water task. I am a hydrophobic, so I knew that I would be out.  I wanted to scream Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao, but I did it as I am no quitter.
This is your second reality show?
I would not call Comedy Circus a reality show; rather it was a talent hunt. Iss Jungle is what you call a reality show in the true sense. There are 24*7 cameras, you are also wired up, so you can't even breathe without being heard. You cannot be on guard all the time hence you sometimes end up saying what you feel. I personally am not in favor of such surveillance. I also was not like others who were playing to the galleries. Some times, I did loose my cool, but that was natural.
What next?
I have a comedy film, 'Don't Worry Be Happy' on floor with big names in the genre such as Vinay Pathak and Rajpal Yadav.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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adieus50 13 years ago I wish Aman was in the final. he was dignified and compassionate with the girls. I hate Akash and Chetan. They have no respect for women.
I hope Mona or Anaida wins.
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suruchi123 13 years ago Akash should be out...he don't know how to talk to womens...he is sick...
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kooliio 13 years ago @parii2 : totally agree with u about akash
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hydrogurl001 13 years ago i totally agree w/ her about the voting system..its totally rigged in all indian reality shows
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
sweeetisme 13 years ago She was in fashion????really???what he played???wanna know do reply...
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parii2 13 years ago she was cute, a nice girl..but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Aakash shud not win, agar voting hoti hai to i hope ppl dont vote 4 him....itni ego,itna attitude hai usme...his mom wud be embarassed seeing him talk like this and fight like this....nd the expressions he makes....heart attack aajaye kisi bachay ko usey dekh kay...just HATE him
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PinkLady09 13 years ago this show iz bakwas!!! I hate akash he is being king of the jungle n n now I kno how the real him iz n I hate him!!!
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bwoodlover01 13 years ago i agree with pallavi25; the show is rigged, and not just SONY shows but most reality shows in India come up with winners that did NOT recieve the most votes. Its only because either the winner came up with the most controversies/publicity - which increased TRP collections or has bribed the makers. Its that easy. Chitra has shown great sportsmanship and should be participating with honest & un-foul mouthed contestants.
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bmtdluver 13 years ago she was really sweet. i wonder what's wrong with the voting system

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.shona. 13 years ago awww my tweety i miss u :(
yes even i wonder who votes for anybody in the show?lol
its probably only the participants family
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