The Ultimate CRYBABIES of 'Bigg Boss' over 10 seasons..!

When tears seemed the easy way out...

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India's most popular reality show, 'Bigg Boss', may be controversial in nature, but it cannot be denied that it is one of the biggest reality shows on Indian television. What began as a 'bold' move ten years ago has now gone to become a national phenomenon.

However, while fights, loud people, bold moves and cuss language are pivotal factors in the show, there is another factor which is as important to the show's success.


Somehow, crying has become an obligatory element over ten seasons and several celebrities that have appeared on the show have exploited it to infinity. So, here we list down the CRYBABIES of 'Bigg Boss' over ten seasons.

Rupali Ganguly

If Neil Armstrong was the first to reach the moon, actress Rupali Ganguly became the FIRST to initiate the 'Cry Movement' in 'Bigg Boss'. The actress would get emotional on every little issue back when she participated in 'Bigg Boss 1' where she even got the tag of being a crybaby.

Ketki Dave

Though the 'arra ra ra ra' fame actress Ketki Dave was termed to be one of the strongest contestants of 'Bigg Boss 2', somehow, she would break down time and again in the show. In a season with powerhouse contestants like Rahul Mahajan, Sambhavna Seth, Raja Chaudhari among others, Ketki's tears did not get her too far on the show.

Vindoo Dara Singh

Vindoo, winning 'Bigg Boss 3' was one of the biggest surprises in 'Bigg Boss' history. Though he managed to get himself noticed throughout the season, what was more noticeable was him crying for the pettiest of matters. While having a spat, he would become a forcebut would have a tear flow otherwise, too easily.

Shweta Tiwari

Another winner, Shweta Tiwari was certainly the deserving winner of 'Bigg Boss 4', which is touted to the most controversial season so far. However, a strong Shweta would cry too much after her spats with Dolly Bindra. Her tears became a recurring phenomenon, but she still proved many wrong by being the winner.

Mahek Chahal

Mahek certainly was one of the strongest competitors of 'Bigg Boss 5'. However, with time passing by, she started getting involved in major spats with Akashdeep Saigal and Siddharth Bhardwaj. In some of her fights, she would cry on being the recipient of racist comments, which became a rather regular thing, where tears couldn't stop.

Aashka Goradia

Season 6 was another season where there was firepower and infinite controversies, courtesy Imam Siddique. And one of his soft targets on the show was none other than, Aashka Goradia. Aashka would, however, get emotional too easy at times and would have a flow of tears.

Gauahar Khan

The winner of 'Bigg Boss Season 7' and one of the most popular contestants, Gauahar Khan was one of the strongest contestants on the show. However, she had several breakdowns, courtesy her segments with Kushal Tandon, Armaan Kohli, and Tanisha Mukerji.

Gautam Gulati

Though season 8 had a good share of crybabies in the form of Sonali Raut and Karishma Tanna crying more often, the season winner, Gautam Gulati makes it as the ultimate cry baby of the season. Literally being boycotted by the housemates, Gautam was strong and resilient; however, he had several breakdowns.

Suyyash Rai

An unconventional entrant, Season 9 was termed to be the mellowest one amongst all. Thankfully, the entries of Rishabh Sinha and Priya Malik changed things. Amidst all this, if there was one person who would cry too easy and at several unexpected occasions, it was none other than Suyyash Rai.

Monalisa and Om Swami

Though, Season 10 is still going on, the tag of cry babies has already found its candidates. Monalisa has probably the maximum screen-time these days when it comes to crying and Om Swami has been the first-of-its-kind crying talker. He would cry and talk together constantly.

So, which cry baby across all seasons is your favorite? Leave in your comments below..

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Shweta should'nt have been mentioned here.. she was'nt a Big cry baby like others infact Juhi parmar cried a lot more then shweta in Season 5.. lol

7 years ago

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