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The stylish Shaleen Bhanot

Read on as the suave Shaleen Bannot adds fizz to our Fashion Fijaaz this week !!


Shaleen Bhanot, last seen in Kulvaddhu as the angry young man, Agni, has stolen hearts of many girls by his good looks and eyes that make the girls sing 'Crazy Kiya Re!' His walking stick, dark coloured suits, and menacing look all made his fans melt with every scene. We caught up with him to find out about his fashion statement and to learn a little bit more about the man who, despite playing a negative character, managed to still make all his fans blush.

How did you feel about wearing kaajjal in Kulvaddhu (as Agni)?
I felt great (laughs). It was pretty different as usually men don't take much time for makeup. But it gave me a completely different look which now people from many shows want.

Do you think that it makes a man look more 'evil', or fits the role better?
I personally think that it's just the way you carry it that makes a person evil or look good.

What do you think about the style of vamps in telly shows?
Good yaar. It's too loud and all but its there. It works in television. Now it's called a costume drama..(laughs)

Are you more of a casual or stylish/formal dresser?
I am a very very very casual person. I wear whatever I feel like. And it also depends on my mood in the morning (laughs). So yea, I wear anything and everything.

Any favourite brand of clothing or designer?
Not really. I wear any brand. Everything month I fix one day and go shopping and buy anything. Last time I went shopping was 3 months back and got loads of clothes. It also depends on the climate.

What is your definition of "fashion", or style?
Uh…you look good. You are confident. That's fashion, that's style. You make your own style. No one ever imagined the kajjal for men will be so big. For the next project I am wearing kajjal again. I was like nooooooooo but they insisted.

When asked about the new project, Shaleen could not give out too much information, but that just means more suspense for us! For now, we know that he is still going to wear kaajjal and may even start a new trend in telly serials. Let's see what his new show has in store for us. So girls, stay tuned to Telly Buzz to find out about Shaleen's next show and other hot updates!

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Shaleen Bhanot

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-Krupa- 2007-08-17T15:34:44Z I agree!..REALITY SHOWS ROCK!..atleast they don't have fake crocodile tears!
AnotherMiracle 2007-08-16T07:31:49Z thanx sooo much 4 his interview! can't wait to watch this show seemz fab!
Tabzy 2007-05-27T08:51:16Z thnkx 4 sharing ...hope 2 see him soon
sp87 2007-05-26T13:19:52Z I hope we can see him soon in some new show!! I used to love him in Kulvaddhu...he acts really well and his looks just add on to his appeal....Good luck, Shaleen and hope you are get success in every stage of your life!!
nsheena 2007-05-26T08:03:25Z hez damn hot! who said tat Kajjal is only for gals? Look at Shaleen! Iqbal! OMG!!! Am blushing crazy
StayStrong 2007-05-26T02:20:42Z OMG this is the truth, making a lots of fans blush,oh....i blush all the time when i saw him in kulvaddhu in every scene, lets see him in his new project, he is definitely on his way to steal more hearts.
sallu_lover 2007-05-26T01:43:51Z he looked hot wearing kajal in kulvaddhu

he is damn hot

thanks for sahring
royaljatti 2007-05-26T00:58:28Z hez choo cute...aww..those kajjrari dil pighla den.
saba23 2007-05-25T19:24:57Z so sweet..thank u so much for the article.. will tuned into the telly buzz to find out more about him..
music_rules 2007-05-25T18:34:09Z he's so interesting and just like us! simply but nice
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