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The rival musical reality shows SaReGaMaPa and SVOI are back again to share the weekend primetime and vie for the spotlight. 'Just Attack' or 'Let's Rock', what rocked more this week? Let's find out ...

Published: Thursday,Jul 24, 2008 10:39 AM GMT-06:00
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This week it was a pleasant tension free musical weekend. But one thing is very conspicuous – the concept of music of the two rival shows is diametrically opposite!! When one is trying to globalize music, the other one wants to compartmentalize it.

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“Music has no boundary” saying was aptly put to use by Zee SaReGaMaPa and they crossed all the borders to launch the show with contestants from different countries. If the first introductory week saw one of the mentor’s - Himesh Rashamiya back again in his “Roti” mode, this week it was different. It was a completely musical episode with some nice entertainment added to it. Asma who herself claimed she was a “Nak” singer like Himesh though got eliminated, left the show after winning everyone’s heart with her innocence and faulty hindi language. Her interaction with Aditya was a treat to watch and Aditya too made sure not to leave a single chance to pull her leg. Shashi, one of the best contestants among the boys got eliminated, a decision which was tough to be taken by Ashaji as all the boys were singing brilliantly. Hope we see him back into the contest through the “Sanjeevani Booti” option. The judges were all the time ever encouraging towards the contestants. On the whole a very positive atmosphere was maintained all along the show. Showing Tarun’s poor economic condition could have been avoided to make it a perfect week. Judges, especially Adesh needs to stop taking digs at the other shows. He seems to forget that last season itself he was sitting there in the other show.

Star Voice of India also started with its second season this week and as expected, the introductory episode was a grand affair. The introduction of the 24 contestants participating from 24 different states was definitely unique showcasing the culture of all the states. The contestants are even tagged along with the state names from which they belong, tagging them "Voice of" a particular state. Where SaReGaMaPa decided to go by the saying, "Music has no boundaries" and went international, VOI seems to have decided to disunite the participants based on the states! The judges of the show Monty Sharma, Ismail Darbar and Sukhwinder Singh seemed to be promoting the show more than giving their critic comments to the participants. It seems the "Just Attack” slogan is loved so much by the judges that they can’t seem to stop making this war cry through out the show. If in SaReGaMaPa it was Adesh then in VOI Ismail was seen taking a dig at the rival shows. Has Ismail Darbar forgotten that even he was part of the same show just a year back? If Ismail was attacking the rival show, then Monty Sharma was going on advising every contestant to keep “Attacking”. The contestants seem promising and many known contestants from Voice of India season one, could also been heard. All is well, but the audience still has to wait and watch to know the format and also to see, how promising would be the second season.

Judges play a critical role in any reality show. Maintaining the dignity of the Judges chair and conducting one with decorum is one of the minimum essentials of a judge. These judges should realize that making digs at another show, that too when they themselves were a part of it actually reflects poorly on them. Why aim for two minutes of spotlight when there are such great opportunities to score with some positive contribution in a dignified way? Hopefully the channel houses will pay attention to this and keep the “scripted drama” to the bare minimum. One week’s high TRP rating or a successful series – this is what has to be decided now by them. 

Author: Barnali

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preity.ness 14 years ago voi is best show shaan is soooooooo good
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radhika_21 14 years ago thanx.
i love sa re ga ma pa!
it is so entertaining and fun to watch!
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Lov_niti 14 years ago of course sara gamapa is the better one
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lemna 14 years ago I like to watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.....better standard than Voice of India
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