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'The show belongs to Saroj Ji and me' - Terrence Lewis

Tellybuzz chats with Terrence Lewis regarding Imagine's new show Nachle Ve with Saroj and Terence


We saw Terrence Lewis swaying in his moves in one of the most popular shows of Zee TV, 'Dance India Dance', both in season one and two. After that he went all the way to Brazil to show us the audacious Terrence Lewis in 'Khatron Ki Khiladi 3'. That was a big transformation that we saw of Terence which we never thought.

And now he is back with more poise and courage after the grievous tasks that he performed in 'Khatron Ki Khiladi' 3, to a show where he has to take up his previous role of a teacher but in a more elevated manner.

'Nachle Ve with Saroj and Terrence' brings us back with the old Terrence in his full and advanced form, all set to burn the dance floor with his dance styles performed by his students.

Tellybuzz had a chat with him regarding the show and the differences that he felt it from the other shows that he did.

How are you feeling after being back on a dance show?
It's phenomenal

How is 'Nachle Ve' different from 'Dance India Dance'?
Nachle Ve is really interesting and very different from DID. In DID what we had to do is select talented students from the auditions and then train them and we have to showcase our choreography skills through them. Hence it is a competition between the students as well as the masters. But here the concept is entirely different. Here we are teaching those people who are not professionals and at the same time we are also teaching people who are sitting in front of the TV and watching the show. That leaves us with the fact that we are reaching to those people who cannot afford to learn dance separately and people who do not have the access to dance. Personally I feel that everybody can dance and all should learn dance.

This is the first time that you are doing a show like this, what are the challenges?
Actually it is like any other classes of mine and I have always been a teacher first and then a choreographer. I have been teaching dance for nearly fifteen to twenty years now. The challenge here is to tell the viewers how to do the step. I will have to show the mirror image of what they are doing and also I will have to break down each and every step so that the viewers can grasp it easily. And this is the first show where I am hosting and compering, so it entirely belongs to Saroj Ji and me.

Is there your special manner of teaching that we can see on the show?
I have introduced two concepts called 'Pungi and Ghanti', wherein the students can indicate whether they have got the steps or not. If students do not understand the steps at all, then they have to sign me 'Pungi' and if they have understood the step, they have to sign 'Ghanti', like ringing the bell. Also the dancers will frequently ask questions that a normal person would ask when he/she is learning dance.

Also when we start our classes we will begin pranam with the Gayatri Mantra choreographed by me in a contemporary way which is not completely traditional but with a mixture of western technique.

Are the contestants going to be segregated into two different teams?

No, they will not be and they will be trained along with the background dancers.

So will the contestants get a chance to work with both of you?
No, not everyone because the competition pattern is different here, and this time I will be training celebrities for first and will continue with Saroj Ji. We will be training in alternate weeks and every Friday Saroj Ji and I will be present to see the performance of the stars. From Monday to Thursday four celebrities will be trained and these four will compete with each other in a segment called 'Sitaron Ki Takkar' on Friday and two winners will be selected out of this. This will happen every week and in the grand finale; contestants will have to perform for both Saroj Ji's and my choreography. That will be the only time the contestants will get a chance to work with both of us.

How is your life after Khatron Ke Khiladi 3and how was the experience?
The experience was great in Khatron Ke Khiladi 3 as the show was really adventurous and sporty and it gave me a great opportunity to face fear. I had listed down a hundred things that I wanted to do before I die and one of it is fulfilled.

What did you bring back from Khatron Ke Khiladi 3?
Well, a few bruises (laughs) and I am back with more confidence and I have won over my fear of heights and animals. I always had this burning desire to do something extreme and I am all thrilled now that I did. I have brought a lot of memories captured in the form of photos of places where I had gone. 

We are sure that the show is going to be a great treat to watch and as for now we are eagerly looking forward for Terrence and Saroj Ji's talents to be displayed on the show.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan




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ektaforterry 9 years ago it would be awesome to see TERENCE SIR teaching
i always wanted HIM to be my first dance teacher n as i don't stay in mumbai so it was difficult for me but now i will learn dance from HIM
this will be the biggest pleasure for me
Shilpa.Agarwal 9 years ago canttt waittt for rati on the show....i hoooope rati does well n reaches finale!!! i soo hooope
king99 9 years ago Waiting to see Supriya Kumari only on this show. She will defianately rock and make this show amazing.
Tinacool 9 years ago Waiting to see my fav Supriya Amoli Kumari on screen again. Her opening act tomorrow along with Shakti is just the ideal start to this show. Hope that my petite sweet angel performs well..Luv ya gurl.
..Bebolove.. 9 years ago waiting to see our angel rati:-).........................................
spsharmila 9 years ago thanks......can't wait to see terence again .......!!
yipee 9 years ago thanks a ton TB for this interview...muaah and all the best to terrence for nachle sure he will rock
AishMinoz 9 years ago luv u terence sir....waiting 4 d shw.......
FanOfMAYUR 9 years ago Waiting for the show to air...Seems interesting..
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