The Kashmir Files Unreported: Pallavi Joshi reveals tackling powerful testimonies & political reactions

Pallavi Joshi recently opened up on the research process for The Kashmir Files Unreported.

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Pallavi Joshi

In the making of The Kashmir Files and The Kashmir Files Unreported, a profound journey of research and dedication unfolded. Over a span of almost four years, the team delved into extensive research, collecting testimonies and conducting in-depth interviews. The process of crafting these films was both enlightening and challenging, as they had to carefully select from a myriad of valuable narratives to bring to the screen.

Talking about the extent of research that went into the making of The Kashmir Files and The Kashmir Files Unreported Pallavi Joshi said

"It took us almost four years to finish the research for the film. After that, the film was written and made but it took us a little over a year and a half to put The Kashmir Files Unreported together. Even when we had the footage with us, it was challenging to cut their saga into a few dialogues when we had so many testimonies and long-format video interviews. Everything that they said was so important, so we struggled to choose who would go in the series and what parts of their stories would become a part of this series. We spent about a year and a half in the edit, which is considerably a long time and it feels great that The Kashmir Files Unreported will premiere on 11th August on ZEE5."

Further, when asked about people's claim about the ruling government saw an opportunity, and hence it decided to back the film. She said,

"I don't make any commentary about politics because I have limited knowledge on this subject. The Kashmir Files is people's film, and people took ownership of the film. It was released as a small film in about 500-600 theatres on Friday and by the same evening, it grew to almost 900 theatres. It grew bigger on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We had reached 4500-5000 screens. And each consecutive day was bigger at the box office than its previous day. Then, a minister spoke about the film. He said that a lot has been spoken about The Kashmir Files and if there are some other point of view, then more people are welcome to make films with their points of view. I don't see how the Prime Minister has anywhere endorsed the movie, which the people are making it out to be, but yes, he did mention it after the film became a success. I don't know if it has been used for any political agenda and I don't think I have the authority to speak on it."

The upcoming premiere of The Kashmir Files Unreported on 11th August on ZEE5 marks the culmination of this laborious yet rewarding endeavour. 

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