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The 'Inadvertently' Warring Moms: Mahira’s Mom Clarifies Her ‘Bedroom’ Statement For Rashami & Sidharth!

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Mahira Sharma's mother clarifies her comment on Rashami and Sidharth and said that she didn't mean it in a wrong way...


In the current season of Bigg Boss, the contestants have spiced up the drama in the house with their antics. Earlier in an interview with Pinkvilla, Rashami Desai’s mother slammed Mahira’s mother for her ‘Bedroom’ comment where she said that now Rashami will keep quiet as she must have thought if Sidharth can bring up the Goa story, he can bring bedroom stories as well.

For this, Rashami’s mother stated that how can she stoop so low despite being a woman.

Now, in an exclusive interview with India Forums, Mahira’s Mother clarified her statement by saying, “Yes, the word bedroom slipped out of my mouth but I didn’t mean it like that. I meant that now Rashami will not fight with Sidharth because if she does then many more things will get revealed. I didn’t mean it in the wrong way. Now, if someone thinks it in a wrong way then it’s not my problem, I didn’t say it in the wrong angle.”

She also said that, “Rashami’s mother felt bad but even they made a towel doll of Mahira and said things like they picked Mahira from gutter, she’s dead, she has drowned. Even I heard such things and even I am a mother so imagine how difficult it has been for me. At that time, I didn’t give any interview that how can a woman speak of another woman like that. I don’t want to use any such language, I will only talk in discipline. So If you felt bad, then watch the previous interviews that I gave, I never spoke anything bad about Rashami. I cannot forget the time Rashami and Mahira spent together, I really like those moments.”

She further added that, “If you want me to apologise, then okay I will, you are elder to me. But as a mother even I felt bad when Rashami said that Mahira has been picked from gutter.”

Play the entire interview below:

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