The Girl From Plainville: 5 reasons you must binge watch this upcoming show on Lionsgate Play

One of the most anticipated shows of 2022, The Girl From Plainville, is now available to binge on Lionsgate Play.

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The Girl From Plainville

One of the most anticipated shows of 2022, The Girl From Plainville, is now available to binge on Lionsgate Play. Critics Choice nominee Elle Fanning stars as Michelle Carter, the teenager at the centre of the unprecedented “texting suicide case” that arose from the death of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, in the mid 2010s. Created by Liz Hannah and Patrick Macmanus, the 8-episode limited series also stars Colton Ryan as Conrad. The latest miniseries seem to have everything from drama to romance to crime and more; There is something about the show that one cannot reasonably afford to miss. Be it that it is based on a real-life story or that Elle Fanning, who stars in the title, is terrifying, in all good ways. Here is why the show is something that will make up for a perfect binge-worthy companion this weekend. 

A real puzzling crime

It is only true that series or films based on true stories can capture you more. The case of Michelle Carter, also known as the texting suicide case from the mid 2010s in Massachusetts, is one unique case of manslaughter that is intriguing to the core. The actual case is so fascinating and intense that the series becomes more accurate as we progress. Can text messages, emails, and phone calls cause a person’s death? Well, The Girl from Plainville answers just that.

Elle Fanning shows a new shade of her acting

Fanning as Michelle Carter is the first and foremost thing that will glue you to the screen as you go from one episode to the other. From being a girl-next-door to becoming intense in her emotions, Elle Fanning has nailed all the shades of her character to perfection. 

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A reality check on social media and the digital world 

Believe it or not, the internet is a scary place to be, and, irrespective of everything, we still choose to take the risk every day. The Girl from Plainville tries to educate the young and old about the perils of digitalization and how social media and the internet can become a force that might pull you down in life. 

The hard truth - what really happened?

The Girl From Plainville dives deep into the real case. Rather than playing judge and jury, co-creators Hannah and Macmanus paint a vivid picture that explores different angles to the story giving both teenagers a voice.

Brilliantly pulls off a musical in a chilling crime show 

The show has brilliant soundtracks through Michelle’s imagination and used Glee musical members for the duets where the lead characters would connect. When the song Can’t Fight This Feeling plays, it literally feels like a breather from the dark episodes.  

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…another article promoting a show that has a mediocre rating on imdb. interesting.

1 years ago

I have been waiting for this series since a long time! Can’t wait to see it

1 years ago

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