The Finalists of Nach Baliye 4 are...

Check out the finalists of Nach Baliye 4 here...

We are into the final phase of Nach Baliye 4 now, and this week saw a nerve-wrecking contest as the finalists were to be decided!!

According to our source, “It is the ‘Dark Horse of the Competition’, Jodi No. 4 Naman Shaw and Megha Gupta and the favorites Jodi No 11 Shaleen Bhanot and Daljeet Kaur who made it to the finale”.

With this, the dream run of Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol comes to an end. “Kapil and Anjali performed really well this week on Mehbooba Remix, but Kapil blanked out in the beginning. However, the judges applauded their performance, but the duo fell short in audience votes. On Saturday’s Nach Ki Jung, they performed on Golmaal, but again could not save themselves from going out”, quips our source.

Also, this week marks the end of Nach journey for the Wild Card entrants and Season 2 Runner-up Jodi, Yash Tonkk and Gauri Tonkk. 

The Grand Finale of Nach Baliye will be on February 1st. And the heart throb Harshad Chopra will be seen performing in the Finale with his Baliye, got thro Talaash-E-Baliye search that was conducted all over...

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Megha Gupta Thumbnail

Megha Gupta

Naman Shaw Thumbnail

Naman Shaw

Anjali Abrol Thumbnail

Anjali Abrol

Shaleen Bhanot Thumbnail

Shaleen Bhanot

Harshad Chopda Thumbnail

Harshad Chopda

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Kapil Nirmal

Comments (86)

Jodi No. 4 Naman Shaw and Megha Gupta

15 years ago

Naman and Megha should win and I know theyw will. ;)

15 years ago

I know this two will come to the final...
but my vote always goes for shaleen & daljit
they r the best couple...deserve to be in final
hope jodi #11 win since they always believe in giving the best performance

15 years ago

Well my favourites are Naman n Megha. Hope they win. All the best to both the Jodis.

15 years ago

both the jodies r very good
all the best 2 both of them

15 years ago

omg this is fabulous...thanks for the news...i really wanted jodi # 4 and 11 in the finale and since they r my favourites i don''t mind which one wins...i didn''t want kapil and anjali in the finale because honestly they only do cultural dances and when they try to do western they get low marks or bad comments...because it seems obvious they aren''t comfortable doing it....and Yash Tonk and Gauri...i personally didn''t have anything against them..they were good...but they had their chance in NB2 and this was a chance for new jodis to preform and try to congrats to Naman + Megha and Shaleen +Daljit....yay...may the best one win!!!! no offence to fans of either jodi 14 and/or jodi 5...thanks :)

15 years ago

i hope naman-mehga win....jodi#4......they are da best

15 years ago

wow... shallen daljeet n naman n megha that is really gr8..........................................

15 years ago

yay the most deserving jodis are in the top 2!now i do not care who wins

15 years ago

YYYYYaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy so happy! the two most deserving jodies! :)

15 years ago

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