The Cliche with Star Kids

The focus of this article is, however, on the star kids of yesterday, who are apparent stars of today. We at BollyCurry are still wondering why some star kids chose Bollywood as their platform, after all acting does not always run in the blood.

It is not a new ideology that kids of Bollywood stars are deemed to join Bollywood at some stage in their life. While some are already talking about Shah Rukh Khan's son, Aryan Khan, shooting his first film, others have placed their bets on Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter, Navya Naveli's future career. The focus of this article is, however, on the star kids of yesterday, who are apparent stars of today. We at BollyCurry are still wondering why some star kids chose Bollywood as their platform, after all acting does not always run in the blood.
The Bachchans
Winning the competition without any competition is Abhishek Bachchan, son of the legendary superstar, Shri Amitabh Bachchan. While Senior AB gave heart-warming performances in SholayDon, and Agneepath, among countless other blockbusters, Junior AB has been selling vegetables with DronaJhoom Barabar Jhoom and All Is Well. Is all well after all? Acting is a talent, which means not everybody possesses it. But hey, who cares when it seems to be working out with movies such as Bol Bachchan and Happy New Year? It's still "talent".
The Mukerjis
Daughter of acclaimed star, Tanuja Mukerji and (shockingly) sister of renowned actress, Kajol, Tanishaa Mukerji also found an easy ticket into Bollywood. She made her debut with Ssshhh... , which resulted in the entire audience shushing her idea of venturing further in to Bollywood. Possibly owing to her mother and sister's successful careers, Mukerji was given the lead role in Yash Raj Films' Neal 'N' Nikki. Well, at least Yash Raj Films learnt their lesson on the importance of casting actors based on their skill instead of family lineage.
The Chopras
"Excuse me to say... " Is this Bollywood or "Zerowood"? Uday Chopra, son of acclaimed director, the late Yash Chopra, is such a heartthrob. The character of Ali in the Dhoom series got to point where we felt like giving up on Bollywood. Senior AB's sketch in Namak Halal and Chopra's sketch in Dhoom are as similar as a strawberry and a karela. Chopra has showcased his talent in comedy, romance and action; and left them all with a kaala thappa. While Neal in Neal 'n' Nikki made us run our way out of the theatre half way into the movie, Pyaar Impossible made us believe that not all geeky guys can be cute lovers, after all. Don't know about others, but Chopra seems to have taken the concept of "try and try again" a bit too seriously. If anything at all, Chopra should be sending apology letters to the rest of the world.
The Sinhas
We were quite impressed with Sonakshi Sinha's debut in Dabangg. She was going to write history said somebody. She did Rowdy Rathore. We said she will survive. She then came to Son of SardaarBullett Raja and Tevar. At this point, the sons of Sardars were on a mission to hit this daughter of a Raja with a bullet for her annoying and cringe worthy tevar. Even Shotgun (pet name for Sinha's father, Shatrughan Sinha) must have wondered how his gun misfired, not just once, but twice because Luv Sinha does not even qualify to be talked about.
The Kapoors
Tusshar Kapoor is such a phenomenal actor that we seem to be running out of words. From Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa to Life Partner, Kapoor made the viewers realize that if you have a father like Jeetendra Kapoor and a multi-talented sister like Ekta Kapoor, you will continue starring in movies even if the audience are carrying tomatoes, eggs and chappals in their hands for you. Surprisingly enough, Kapoor won an award for Best Actor in a Comic Role for his stint in the Golmaal series. Fun fact: He plays a mute in the film series. Yes, we prefer it this way (saves us the horror!).
The Deols
Everyone stands to cheer when the names Dharmendra Singh Deol and Hema Malini are taken. Everyone also becomes Mr. India (or Miss India in this case) when the name of their beloved daughter, Esha Deol is taken. We were hoping for yet another superstar in the child of this celebrated Bollywood couple, however, it seems with this Deol, all those who look forward to watching kids of stars star in Bollywood have gone to eat two mithais cause frankly, one wouldn't be enough. Deol has done disasters such as Kyaa Dil Ne KahaaNa Tum Jaano Na Hum and No Entry among various others. We are now concluding that she has a complete no entry into further ventures.
There are a number of other apparent actors who can be added to this list, but in all honesty, we cannot write any further without losing our hair and peace of mind, and we are not up for that. At this point, we can only hope that this bias behaviour of giving star kids preferential treatment comes to an end in Bollywood. It is also hoped that those individuals who have the acting skill in them are given a platform to showcase it.
From the list above, who do you think deserves the most tomatoes for their acting? Let us know in the comment box below!

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Author: Sonia R.
Editor: Mohini N.
Graphics: Harjot D.

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Comments (10)

I will agree with the entire list except abhishek..come on, he is quite a decent actor..and if compared to amitabh, nobody can hold a candle..it's unfair in his case to be a starkid..
the rest, well they have been given lollipops thruout their career due to their star kids status..

8 years ago

Abhishek doesnt belong to this list. He was quite good in Yuva, Paa, Guru, KANK, Dhoom1, Sarkar and Delhi-6. Its unfair to compare him to his legendary father, but when judged for himself hes not bad at all.

8 years ago

all of them have early exposure so for one they know a little about it then the general public before hand then they have someone to guide them and to help them. after all of these all are not good at it and really inclined to it but sometimes do it because they know nothing else that makes this kind of money or they have not been exposed to other ways of life. bollywood is way of life there are families they have been in this for generations and married to one another. for ex, mukharji's ,chopra, roshans , kapoor

8 years ago

Abhishek Bachchan is a talented actor - the constant comparison to a legend is unfair.

No one can match up to Amitabh Bachchan. People need to stop assuming that Abhishek can just because he's his son.

8 years ago

Sometimes some people do well in a profession and others don't we shouldn't always keep criticising these stars , what if we were in their places? What if they are not good at acting everybody is not good at everything. I just hate it when people just keep criticising someone...and I think many in this list are good actors and sometimes luck also plays a major role...

8 years ago

Agree with almost everyone on this list but not with Abhishek Bachchan. He can act and he has proven this on many occasions. He just can't live up to AB senior who is a legend. Few can.

But generally agree with the assertion that most star kids get a golden ticket to BW when they have next to no talent to speak of.

8 years ago

Jr. AB would have made it big if not for his superstar dad. The constant comparison not helping. I found him extremely convincing on films like pa. He doesn't belong to this list. It isn't fair.

8 years ago

@Spate22 I was going to say the same. People think he is a bad actor because of his poor movie choices but he is quite good I don't think he should be on this list there are far more shitty star kid actors than Abishek

8 years ago

While the others are true but I think Abhishek is not that bad compared to the others!! He just need better scripts!!

8 years ago

this reporter is so true, many of the actors and actress in Bollywood cannot act to save their life but because the have famous parent they are automatically given the golden ticket into Bollywood.

8 years ago

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