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The Best Moments from Sunday's Episode of 'Nach Baliye 9'

Some extremely emotional performances amidst a lot of fun.


The mega Sunday of Nach Baliye 9 happened finally and as one would anticipate, it had all the moments that viewers would love to cherish

Sourabh Raaj Jain's Tribute to His Mother & Just Being Super Nice

The actor's performance was indeed good as he dedicated his act to his mother followed by her coming on stage too. Two moments in this and the following segments took the cake where one of them was how Jain talked about the hardships his mother went through to raise her son but the lady was as subtle as anyone can be. She was respectful of everyone, appreciated her son's tribute and walked away with a smile on her face. Such grace! The second moment that was even better is just how nice Jain and wife, Ridhima Jain are. Owing to the former no receiving a Hi5, Ridhima's Hi5 was nullified. But there was no sadness or unwanted drama pertaining to that. Amazing.

Anita Hassanandani's Tribute to Raveena Tandon

Hassanandani was at her merry best as she danced on the chartbuster songs from 90s that included judge, Raveena Tandon. A quintessential popcorn entertainer her act was and as it was dedicated to Tandon, it was obvious to get some special attention from the judges. However, it was surprising how unexcited Tandon appeared after the act. A whole act was dedicated to her and instead of being genuinely excited and thankful, she seemed to be doing everything in a forced manner.

Aly Goni's Tribute to The Freedom Fighter, Bhagat Singh

Goni has become a recent favorite in a while in the competition, and his rise continued this week as he did an act dedicated to late freedom fighter, Bhagat Singh. Patriotic and full of dance, it got a special mention from the judges too. Totally deserving.

Prince Narula Being Absolutely Unrecognizable

The actor undoubtedly did a fantastic act for which he received a Hi5 (but nullified later) but what was even more commendable was the make-up Narula had on. In the promos initially, he looked absolutely unrecognizable and during the act too. A great job by the make-up department to create the look.

Anuj Sachdeva - The Surprise Package

The actor was indeed the surprise package of this week as he gave an absolutely stellar performance, one that cannot be missed out indeed. Having been underplayed constantly of sorts, Sachdeva proved that he is indeed here to stay and gave a Hi5 performance.

Vishal Aaditya Singh's Show-Stealing Act as Kinnar

Being pitted against the wall and having everything to lose, it was up to Singh to deliver an act that would save them from elimination right away. Elimination or not, Singh's act was the best in several ways. His bravura to play a kinnar and pull it off without appearing insulting deserved kudos in itself.


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