The audience wants to see masala' - Debojit Saha

Debojit Saha is the next inmate to be evicted from Bigg Boss's house. In a conversation, he share his experiences and opinions. Read to know more...

After spending 9 days in the house Debojit Saha is another inmate to be evicted from Bigg Boss' house. The singer is all happy to be back to his routine and feels that it was a good and much needed break from his hectic schedule

The singer got a taste of fame from Zee's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, where he won the title of the best singer in the year 2005. Since then, it was no looking back for him. Lately he has been doing playback singing and has even shot for Zee Bangla's Sa Re Ga Ma.

In a chit chat with Telly Buzz, Debojit shares his journey as an inmate of the house and his plans for the future.
Tell us about your experience in the Bigg Boss house?
Initially, I liked it as we all house mates were new to each other. During the course of time we tried to get to know each other and had a gala time. We ate and enjoyed together. For me it was a good break after my hectic schedule. No mobile phones, no television and we kept each other entertained.

What was your strategy in the house?
There was no strategy as such. I was what I'm in real life. Beside that I never got chance to watch the first season of the show so I was totally unaware of how to go about.
The production team told me to be the way I'm and I followed it. The day I entered the house I had just arrived from South Africa.

What went wrong according to you?
Nothing went wrong as such; it's just that I did not play the game. In normal life too I don't like playing mind games. But if given a chance to re-enter I would go in and now play the game. If I'm out of the game the reason cannot be defined by either the channel or the production house. I feel I shouldn't have been nominated at first. I even tried to ask Bigg Boss but did not get any reply. It was injustice.

How would you define the things that are going on in the house?
Well, people want to see masala and these housemates are providing it. I would not like to name anybody as it won't be right. At the end I can only tell you that every housemate is playing mind games to win the title of sabse bada dilwala and for this they can go to any extent. This doesn't suit me.

Who according to you has the highest chances of winning the show?
As per the draft it's Rahul Mahajan who has the highest chances of winning the game show. The reason is his status as a son of a great politician, Mr Pramod Mahajan. Whatever he is today is because of his father. He is entertaining people in the house and thus, is surviving. To be frank, one of his best features is that he can behave differently at many times. Sometimes he is sweet and innocent like a child and sometimes it's the other way round.

It seems you are not happy with the eliminations?
It's nothing like that I'm not happy for being nominated and the fact that I'm out makes me feel good. I wanted to prove myself and I did it. I walked into the house with dignity and came out the same way. I think public wanted me to be out of this dirty game and thus I was eliminated.

Can you elaborate on what you wanted to prove to janta?
I wanted to tell people that I'm the same as I was before becoming a celebrity. Some of my close people thought that I have a lot of attitude now that I am famous, but it's nothing like that. Basically I wanted to show people how Debo is as a human and I was successful in doing that.

Who was your real friend in the BB house?
There were no real friends as such but yes, I was very close to Diana and Zulfi. They are decent people and if you ask me who should win then I would suggest their names.

What you have to say about the other house mates?
Ashutosh:- He is a bitching master and I'm sure he won roadies with the same attitude and behaviour. After looking at the clippings of Bigg Boss' house I got to know more about him
Raja: - He is rude and has a rough behaviour. I was angry because of his behaviour and slang language
Monica:- She is a decent girl and has faced a lot of tough situations in the past. The only thing I don't get is why Rahul and Monica are behaving in such a disgraceful manner. Is it just to gain TRPs or is there something really cooking between them.

What's next after this?
For now my mind is blank and I'm trying to get back to my regular routine. A lot of things have gone wrong for me and I intend on concentrating and correcting them. Only then will I think about what needs to be done in the future. Being in the house made me feel quite nad I longed to be with my family, specially my wife.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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amm!!i like debojit but ashu is many a times better than uu

15 years ago

i never knew Debo was in Big Boss!
aw the others probably picked on him lol

15 years ago

oh yes ashu is 100 fold better then you anyday!

15 years ago

Debo ur good at singing dnt do such reality programs!

15 years ago

why is he after ashu in all the articles? :s

15 years ago

U ROCKKKK Debojit...atleast u were not cheap like others in BB...i really want nw Zulfi to win

15 years ago

You are the most boring person ever Debo! Ashu shines and you dont.

15 years ago

Wish him all the best for his future projects.

15 years ago

m glad dat u r out of da big boss house
lolzzz watever ashu he iss still better dan u i hv never seen a boring person like u ever in mah life
my advice:next tym don participate in dese kind of reality show plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

15 years ago

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