'The action hero is now a love hero' - Neil Bhatt

After wielding the sword in Arsalaan, Neil Bhatt will now be seen playing the romantic hero Sumer in Sahra One's Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi.

Sahara One's latest show, Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi, is a tale of two lovebirds and is set in the later 19th century spanning two decades. The look of the show is grand and opulent and focuses on the lifestyle of the zamindars in that era. 

Playing the lead roles in this show will be Neil Bhatt of Arsalaan fame and Neha Marda. Speaking about his role in this show Neil quips, "In Arsalaan, I was a character that lived 3000 years back and now I am playing someone who lives in the 19th century. So you see I am getting closer to the era we live in (grins)."

The story is about two zamindar families who turn from friends to foes, and there blooms the love story of Sumer and Sunaina amidst all the hatred. The two friends unite after many years in the Gurukul where they come to seek knowledge. "Sumer is a simpleton, who loves to play his flute. He is basically a man of few words, while Sunaina is the total opposite of him. She is fond of dance and this is how their journey of love starts", explains the actor.

In contrast to his character in Arsalaan, Neil will be given an entirely different look in this show. "I will be clad in a dhoti and kurta all the time," says he. Adding about the change from being an action hero to a romantic hero, he states, "The action hero is now a love hero (laughs)." "But, on a serious note, while my sword spoke for me in Arsalaan, my eyes will do all the talking here", adds Neil.

We sure hope the audience appreciates the change in Neil's character too.

Reporter and Author : Srividya Rajesh

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plz help me.where can i see episodes of this?you tube has restricted it and where i live we dont get this channel.

14 years ago

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