Teri Meri Doriyaann: Yash expels Keerat's coach from the academy

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, after hearing Keerat and Sahiba's side of the story, Yash promptly expels the coach from the academy.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann episode, Sahiba (Himanshi Parashar), feeling remorseful, visits Yash's house to apologize for the disturbance caused by Rumi. Yash reassures her, and they discuss Mannat's distress. Sahiba learns about Sunny through Mannat and defends Yash's decision to involve Parth. Mannat remains convinced that Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria) is Sunny, leading Sahiba to investigate further. Armed with news articles about Angad, Sahiba confronts Mannat with conflicting information. Mannat remains adamant, accusing Sahiba of stealing Sunny. Sahiba points out the disparities between Sunny's lively personality and Mannat's description of him. Undeterred, Mannat refuses to share more details. Leaving Yash's house, Sahiba notices Keerat's wrestling academy and learns about Keerat's absence from practice.

Meanwhile, Angad tries to sell the diamond by describing it. The clients inquire about his change of mind, noting that there was a time when he was truly passionate about it. Angad responds, stating that time changes everything, and then hands over the Junoon-e-dil to them. Keerat invites Sahiba to a cafe, where she waits for Veer. Veer arrives and sings a song while also playing the guitar. After the performance, girls approach him for a selfie, and one of his friends wishes him luck in proposing to Keerat. Keerat asks Veer why he did all this, to which Veer replies that he wanted to lighten up her mood, sensing something was disturbing her. Keerat dismisses this, saying there is nothing wrong. Veer insists that it's okay if she doesn't want to share, but he encourages her to reveal any problems and assures her of his support.

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Keerat admits she isn't always happy and acknowledges her mood changes. Veer then asks about her wrestling practice, and Keerat says she will handle her matters. As she is about to leave, Veer holds her hand. Keerat looks at him, and Veer asks if she wants anything, suggesting hot chocolate. She questions how he knew about her likes, and he reveals that he learned from Sahiba. Keerat sits while Veer goes to order the drink. Sahiba encounters Keerat and inquires if she came to the cafe with Veer. Keerat reveals that Veer wanted to meet her. Hoping she didn't disrupt their meeting, Sahiba questions why Keerat hasn't been attending the wrestling academy. Keerat, in detail, discloses the coach's misconduct. Meanwhile, Veer overhears their conversation, realizing Keerat has been concealing much pain, and vows to take action against the coach.

Sahiba assures Keerat that she will address the coach and escort her to the academy. They witness Veer confronting and physically assaulting the coach for molesting Keerat. Despite Keerat's attempts to intervene, Veer persists, leading to an overpowering counterattack by the coach. Keerat pleads for Veer's safety, but the coach callously shoves her, causing her to fall onto a dumbbell and sustain a forehead injury. Sahiba rushes to assist Keerat, who, amid her pain, implores Sahiba to save Veer. In a fit of rage, Veer threatens the coach with a dumbbell, vowing to kill him. Despite Keerat's plea for restraint, Veer is undeterred, expressing his indifference.


The coach, desperate to deflect blame, accuses Keerat of being characterless and having an affair with Veer, falsely claiming that she wrongly accused him of molestation. Sahiba retaliates by slapping the coach, revealing her knowledge of his harassment towards Keerat and his unjust removal of her from the national championship list when confronted. Unyielding, the coach maintains his stance.

Meanwhile, Yash arrives there. The coach attempts to portray himself as the victim, claiming wrongful accusations. Sahiba questions Yash's presence, and he discloses that he sponsors the wrestling federation. After hearing Keerat and Sahiba's side of the story, Yash promptly expels the coach from the academy.

Precap: Mannat informs Sahiba about meeting Sunny, prompting Sahiba to visit without informing Angad. She is shocked to discover Angad's look-alike, Sunny.

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