Teri Meri Doriyaann: The coach reveals Yash forced him to mistreat Keerat

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, the coach reveals that he followed Yash Baweja's orders to mistreat Keerat.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann episode, Seerat finally meets Garry, who is lounging in a bathtub. Garry remarks on her tardiness, suggesting she isn't eager for her freedom. Seerat, however, shares that her estranged parents are getting engaged at the Brar house today, yet she chose to be with him. Garry dismisses the significance of past relationships, proposing they finalize their divorce. Seerat, finding a silver lining, eagerly asks about the divorce papers. Garry nonchalantly mentions they're on a nearby table. 

Meanwhile, Sahiba contemplates calling Seerat to inquire about her presence in the hotel but refrains, fearing it might alert Seerat. Seerat, on the other hand, signs the divorce papers and requests Garry's signature. Garry complies, extending his congratulations for her newfound freedom. Seerat, determined, announces this as their final meeting, asserting that he should never visit again.

Angad appeals to Ajith to allow Keerat to attend the engagement ceremony at the Brar mansion. Ajith expresses trust in Angad but hesitates to send Keerat. Keerat, however, argues that she needs to be there for her coach, Yash. Ajith agrees, but he and Santosh decide not to attend. When Keerat opens the door to her house, she is shocked to find her coach there. The truth unfolds as he admits to being coerced into mistreating Keerat.

Still waiting for Seerat, Sahiba remains oblivious as Seerat walks past her. Suspicious of a goon who attacked Angad/Sunny, Sahiba observes a meeting between the goon, the manager of Mumbai's Blue Carnation Hotel, and Garry. Sahiba confronts the manager, who feigns ignorance, but Garry, not wanting to be recognized, puts on a mask. Sahiba, undeterred, confronts him, prompting a scuffle that ends with her being attacked by Mannat.

Back at Keerat's home, the coach reveals that he followed Yash Baweja's orders to mistreat Keerat. Angad and Mongas are sceptical, but the coach claims to have proof against Yash. Garry reprimands Mannat for attacking Sahiba, and when Parth asks who did it, he blames Parth's troublesome sister. Mannat suggests eliminating Sahiba for good, but Garry advises a more strategic approach. Mannat then deceives Sahiba's driver on the phone, luring him away.

Precap: Garry confronts Hash for manipulating him in a game, and Yash asserts his awareness of everything happening around him. Witnessing Garry and Yash together, Sahiba is taken aback as both parties become aware of each other's presence.

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