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Teri Meri Doriyaann: Rumi harms Angad with a knife

In the upcoming Teri Meri Doriyaann episode, Angad and Sahiba's tender reunion is disrupted by Rumi's sinister plan, leading to chaos, conflict, and Sahiba's emotional turmoil.

Published: Thursday,Sep 28, 2023 14:13 PM GMT-06:00
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Teri Meri Doriyaann

Tonight's episode begins with a poignant moment between Angad and Sahiba, as Sahiba is there to welcome him by garland. Meanwhile, the Brar family and Rumi are watching from a distance. Romi, disguised as a drummer, creates smoke just as Sahiba is about to garland Angad. Rumi snatch off the graland from Sahiba. Sahiba gets off the stage in search of the garland. Sahiba's vision is blocked, and her eyes start to itch from the smoke. Rumi touches her hand, causing her to step away from Angad.

Sahiba screams, but Angad comes to her rescue, blowing air into her eyes. Manbeer and Seerat feel awkward, while Daar Ji and Bebe watch in awe. Angad notices Rumi, the drum player who touched Sahiba, and chases after him as Rumi tries to escape. Inside the venue, the media crowds around Sahiba, but Inder protects her. Manbeer insults Sahiba, saying she'll never make Angad move on from her. Seerat adds that Sahiba ruined Angad's happiness at the event, leading Sahiba to express that she wouldn't have come if she knew it was about Angad's party.

Meanwhile, Angad chases Rumi on the road, eventually throwing a mud pot at him. When Rumi tries to kick Angad, he dodges and punches Rumi in the belly. Angad beats him up, and Rumi grabs a knife from a nearby trolley. Angad dodges the knife, but when he's about to uncover Rumi's identity, Rumi points the knife at him.

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Back at the venue, Inder and Japjyot help a shaken Sahiba exit. Veer also arrives at the scene of Angad's fight with Rumi. Rumi steals a bike and escapes, pushing Angad aside. Bebe and Inder console Sahiba, while Manbeer claims she just wants attention. Angad returns and scolds the event management for the chaos. He reveals that the drum player had ill intentions and tried to harm him with a knife. Sahiba stands up, still shaken. Seerat taunts her, saying the news will be about Sahiba, not Angad's award. Angad asks Sahiba why she's living alone when her life is in danger. Sahiba remembers seeing Angad confess his feelings to Seerat and tells him she didn't know about his award today, or she wouldn't have come, hurting Angad even more.

Precap: Sahiba stands firm in her decision to never return home, discovering blood on Angad's shirt, while Rumi's scheme involving a falling chandelier portends a pivotal moment.

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