Teri Meri Doriyaann: Manbeer's happiness in Sahiba's return intrigued Seerat

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, Manbeer's intentions regarding Sahiba's presence become unclear, while Seerat plots to win Angad's affection.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann episode, Gurleen conveys to the family that Japjot's anger towards Sahiba is justified. Jasleen agrees, mentioning that Manbeer seems more upset about Sahiba's return, which prompts Angad to feel responsible for hurting Manbeer by bringing Sahiba back home. However, Manbeer surprises everyone by expressing her happiness about Sahiba's presence, as it fulfils Simran's birthday wish. This puzzles Seerat, who wonders about Manbeer's true intentions. Inder appreciates Manbeer's change in behaviour and thanks her, acknowledging that despite their differences, she cares for his family. Simran also expresses her gratitude, to which Manbeer responds with a smile and walks away, leaving Seerat intrigued. Jasleen questions the sudden shift in Manbeer's attitude, while Inder expresses his happiness about celebrating both his daughters' events in a grand manner, which Gurleen agrees to.

Sahiba confides in Angad about her short stay and uncertainty about where to stay. Angad suggests she stay in their room, but Sahiba firmly declines, citing the absence of their relationship. This conversation reminds Sahiba of Angad's proposal to Seerat. Angad insists she stays in their room. Despite Angad's attempts to convince her otherwise, Sahiba remains silent, leaving Angad to exit the scene. Simran approaches Sahiba, requesting her presence in her room to share bedtime stories. Sahiba agrees to do so after discussing it with Japjot, and Simran plans a night of celebration.

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Seerat approaches Manbeer and questions the sudden change in Manbeer's stance towards Sahiba's return and her happiness. Manbeer cryptically hints at a hidden agenda against Sahiba, suggesting that they celebrate Simran's birthday and announce Seerat and Angad's wedding as part of her plan. Inder expresses his desire for Angad to salvage his relationship with Sahiba. Seerat is overjoyed by the prospect of her wedding with Angad and apologizes to Manbeer for her earlier misunderstanding. Manbeer advises Seerat to use her emotions as a tool against Sahiba.

Sahiba visits Japjot's room to apologize for her past actions, but Japjot expresses her disappointment and her desire to keep the family united, which she initially thought Sahiba and Manbeer could accomplish. Sahiba feels guilty for her actions but cannot reveal what happened between her and Angad. She leaves the room deep in thought. Seerat observes Sahiba's actions and believes that Sahiba has no place in Angad's life. Simran prepares snacks to celebrate with Sahiba and asks her to change her clothes. Sahiba realizes she didn't bring her nightdress and heads to Angad's room, only to discover that it has been redecorated. Seerat taunts Sahiba about the room's transformation, implying her intent to stay there. Sahiba confronts Seerat, accusing her of trying to replace her in Angad's life rather than earning things alone. Seerat challenges Sahiba to ruin her plans to win Angad back.

Precap: Sahiba joins in celebrating Simran's birthday, but Manbeer reveals Angad's initial preference for Seerat and suggests divorcing Sahiba to marry Seerat, upsetting Sahiba, who decides to leave the gathering. Angad is shocked to see Sahiba's attempt at suicide.

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