Teri Meri Doriyaann: Angad stops Yash & Jasleen's engagement ceremony after learning Garry's boss' identity

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, Angad interrupts Yash's proposal to Jasleen, questioning his haste, and cryptically hints that a special member has yet to arrive.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

Tonight's episode of "Teri Meri Doriyaann" kicks off with Jabjyot graciously handing over their pusteni haar to Jasleen while gracefully addressing her concerns about not being treated as Brar's daughter. Manbeer playfully adds that now Jasleen won't have any complaints as she's receiving all the attention she has longed for. Yash chimes in, expressing that Jasleen deserves all the attention and promises to provide it forever. Manbeer humorously suggests that if Yash gives all his attention, there will be no tension for the rest of them. Jabjyot then expresses happiness for Jasleen, noting that she has found love and further requests Yash to adorn Jasleen with the jewellery. Akaal shares his joy of Yash returning to Jasleen's life, especially after she was left heartbroken when Garry departed. The family proceeds with the engagement ceremony, but Gurleen suggests waiting for Angad and Sahiba. Simran, however, is upset with Sahiba for not keeping her promise to help her get ready.

Meanwhile, Sahiba (Himanshi Parashar) and Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria) reach the hotel room, arguing about who should enter first. Angad takes the lead, with Sahiba following. Angad seeks confirmation that this is the same room, and Sahiba provides an explanation. The staff informs them that the previous occupants left half an hour ago, but when Angad asks for their details, they face reluctance from the staff. Sahiba takes charge, threatening to involve the police if security is called, eventually coercing the staff to reveal that the people in room 113 were long-term guests, and the booking wasn't under Garry's name. Sahiba presses for more information, and Angad promises to send it to Pam. Angad acknowledges that Garry's secret has been uncovered, but the identity of his boss remains unknown, leaving the question of who is behind the Brar family's destruction.

Back at the Brar mansion, the family engages in a game of "who's most likely to" between the bride and groom. Amid the celebration, Angad and Sahiba arrive, worried about how Jasleen and Yash will react when they discover Garry's motives. Angad fears the family's reaction and contemplates how to reveal the truth. Sahiba questions Angad about any leads from Pam, and he replies negatively but assures her they'll find out soon. Angad vows to catch Garry's boss and decides not to reveal the truth to the family during the celebration, not wanting to spoil the mood. They join the ceremony, and when Yash inquires about their whereabouts, Angad apologizes, explaining that something came up, but assures them everything is fine. Inder notices Sahiba's wound, and she lies about slipping and getting hurt. Yash brings them into the celebration, where couples Angad, Sahiba, Jasleen, and Yash dance to Veer's song. 


After the performance, they prepare for the ring exchange. Meanwhile, Keerat enters, and Gurleen shouts in surprise. Veer intervenes, holding Keerat's hand and declaring that Angad invited her, urging everyone to treat her as a guest. Yash pleads with everyone to celebrate love and not say anything. Pam sent the link with all the details, and Angad expressed gratitude. Angad and Sahiba are shocked to discover the company's owner in the details and move aside for a private discussion. Yash is about to propose to Jasleen and place the engagement ring when Angad interrupts the ceremony, leaving everyone in shock. Angad questions Yash's hurry, and when Yash asks if anyone is yet to come, Angad cryptically responds that a special member has yet to make an entrance.

Precap: Garry confronts Yash for manipulating him in a game, and Yash asserts his awareness of everything happening around him. Witnessing Garry and Yash together, Sahiba is taken aback as both parties become aware of each other's presence.

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