Teri Meri Doriyaann: Angad aims to mend his relationship with Sahiba

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, Sahiba is hurt by Angad's perceived favouritism towards Seerat while Angad aims to mend his relationship with Sahiba.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann, Angad notices Sahiba leaving his room and inquires about her destination. Sahiba responds that she's seen whatever he wanted to show her. Angad reminds her that it's their room, but Sahiba insists that there's nothing left of their relationship in that room. Seerat, standing at the room door, grins as Sahiba expresses her gratitude to Angad for erasing their memories and exits. Angad enters his room and reflects on it. Seerat questions why Sahiba left in that manner and mentions that Manbeer liked the room's interiors. Angad responds that changing the room's decor won't change his feelings. Simran enters and asks Angad about Sahiba, as Sahiba comes to pick up her night dress. Seerat chimes in, explaining that Sahiba had been there but left, claiming she had taken most of the clothes and distributed the rest to the staff. 

Angad remains silent, picks up a box from the cupboard, and Seerat asks about its contents. Angad reveals it's Sahiba's belongings and walks away, stating that he needs to talk to Sahiba. Seerat, feeling jealous, follows him. Angad confronts Sahiba and asks if she's upset about the room's changes, clarifying that it was Manbeer and Seerat's decision. Sahiba accuses him of letting Seerat make decisions for him, and this proves that Seerat matters more to him than she does. Angad insists he said those things angrily and reiterates that Manbeer and Seerat were responsible for the room's changes. He tells Sahiba that her personal belongings are still there, and she can choose to use or discard them, much like she did with their relationship. Seerat overhears their conversation and grins.

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The next day, Inder arranges for Simran's birthday and instructs the maid to take care of her friends and their parents. Keerat arrives, and Veer flirts with her. However, Keerat mistakes him for a stalker and slaps him, later apologizing when she realizes her mistake. Simran welcomes her friends, and Sahiba walks in. Manbeer compliments Seerat's attire and criticizes Sahiba's, to which Seerat responds with gratitude.

Manbeer suggests that Angad and Seerat make the best couple, and Seerat is thrilled by the idea. Sahiba asks Veer about his cheek injury, and he attributes it to a mosquito, glancing at Keerat. Keerat takes Sahiba aside and questions why she's keeping secrets, especially regarding the stalker Rumi. Sahiba explains how Angad saved her from Rumi and sent him to the USA. Keerat then asks about the tension between her and Angad, but Sahiba hesitates.

Angad overhears their conversation and thinks he want to approach Sahiba to clear up their misunderstandings, but Simran intervenes and insists they cut her birthday cake together. They agree, and their bracelets get entangled as they cut the cake. Gurleen helps free their bracelets. After cutting the cake, Angad talks to Manbeer and mentions that she might wonder why he brought Sahiba there. Manbeer explains that everyone wanted to celebrate Simran's birthday and asks Angad to wish her luck for an important announcement she intends to make. This leaves Angad bewildered. Hansraj announces games for everyone to participate in. Keerat then speaks to Angad and mentions she wants to have a conversation. Angad advises her to speak with Sahiba first and adds that Sahiba has misconceptions he's tried to clarify, but she's unwilling to listen. He even hints that Sahiba wants to leave the house, and he won't stop her. Veer encourages him not to lose hope and to do his best to resolve the misunderstandings.

Precap: Sahiba joins in celebrating Simran's birthday, but Manbeer reveals Angad's initial preference for Seerat and suggests divorcing Sahiba to marry Seerat, upsetting Sahiba, who decides to leave the gathering. Angad is shocked to see Sahiba's attempt at suicide.

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i think it is about time inder decides to divorce from manveer, because she is forcing sahiba to divorce angad so seerat can marry angad i know she will succeed reading latest updates it is sure to happen, but i sincerely hope her mariage to angad will be a mariage without love and that he will keep surching for sahiba and when he finaly finds her after five years acording to leap news i read i hope he will officialy divorce her and stay with sahiba but i think there will be another leap just like savi about a form of enemosity between seerat and angad child and sahiba and romi child makers love to show such drama's we audience don't like it

4 months ago

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