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Teena Chopra quits Ek Hasina Thi!

The actress is unhappy with the way her character is shaping up in the show.

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Pretty actress Teena Chopra who essays the character of Payal in Cinevistaas' popular thriller show Ek Hasina Thi is all set to quit the show.

Our source informed us, "Teena has decided to quit the show because she is unhappy with the way her character is shaping up and as told by the production house her character didn't shape up well. Teena has already informed the production house about the same and she will be a part of the show till mid November."

When contacted Teena, she confirmed the news saying, "Yes, I am leaving the show."

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Anwesha Kamal

Teena Chopra Ek Hasina Thi  Star Plus 

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rope_and_anchor 6 years ago Good decision. And long in the coming. EHT has completely lost it. All the best to ur future projects Teena! Just hope they don't kill off her character though.
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adoremevirgo 6 years ago gud decision...instead of showing gradual recovery of payal the CVs took a disgusting step of showing payal going back to former state...the story has completely lost track...once upon a time ETH was a brilliant show but it is now one of the worst shows and everyday i am praying to hear the news that it will end soon...there is no end to seems sakshi and rajnath will go on murdering will go on acting dumb...durga will go on behaving like jo garajte hai wo baraste nahi...all long talks with no end result...i really wish it ends now...its over 6 months now and durga has succeeded in doing no harm to sakshi...2014-10-28 01:07:38
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green_tea 6 years ago i can understand why she left, but tbh she's not that important an actress that she can't be replaced. i mean i know the story is about getting justice/revenge for payal, but the character itself doesn't have much to do, so she can be easily replaced by any suitable actress. no need to kill her off!2014-10-23 11:12:17
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ronshaan 6 years ago so sad to hear it but what do i say, she had to be the main in this story but she is no longer shown, now it became a story of durga and mrs sakshi , shoriya too became a side story , rape happened ... when ?
any ways best of luck
i enjoyed her scenes and hope to see her in a better role in future
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harinisriram39 6 years ago This doesnt come as a surprise. The show was about getting justice to Payal and to help her recover from the trauma.

Hope they dont kill Payal's character.
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Nehasupnfan 6 years ago This show hasnt touched the Saas Bahu level..yet...but its very close to being that! More than anything..I feel Shaurya is being side stepped for Sakshi. The ongoing track is fine...just involve all the other actors. Dont make it abt only one character...everyone shud have a part to play.
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Dreamygal301 6 years ago If anyone had seen the original Revenge story, then they would know the main antagonist is Sakshi aka the Victoria character, rather than Shaurya v Durga aka Emily character.

However, the story has now gone so downhill, the main characters Durga and her father being brainless, Dev looking constantly dumb and Sakshi strolling about murdering people that seriously it should just end. It has become what it always was - another Saas Bahu serial!
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YellowBoots 6 years ago Wow. Isn't she the most integral part of the story? Hmm. Will be sad to see her go. If they speed up the story and move beyond Sakshi and Durga just doing tashan, they would be able to focus on the other characters. She looks gorgeous in this pic. Good luck to her.2014-10-22 09:17:20
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bookworm-ALS-- 6 years ago this was certainly coming. since creatives are hell bent on showering spotlight on dev and treating payal just like any side role , ye toh hona hi tha.

she looks utterly gorgeous in this pic though!
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Preternatural 6 years ago L O L... Good job Teena Chopra.. we all wanted to see Payal recovering day by day.. but the creatives of Ek Hasina Thi ..oops.. Ek Bahu Thi's .don't want that...
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