#TeaserReview: 'Khichdi' is FINALLY back & we are going bonkers!

The original Parekh family mad peeps are here again..

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Producer JD Majethia and writer-director, Aatish Kapadia are responsible for giving us two of the most loved and acclaimed shows from back then, which are Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai and Khichdi.

After all these years, we finally saw the much-awaited return of Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai on the web, called Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai Take 2.

And let's just say, we love to be spoilt and wondered, if we will have Khichdi back too. That wish has been answered finally, as the teaser promo of Khichdi went live yesterday.

The Impact

The best part about Khichdi this time is that we actually get to see the original Parekh family doing what they do best. Why do I say that? Well, you would remember how actress, Vandana Pathak was replaced by Nimisha Vakharia for the character of Jayshree in Khichdi - The Movie. Not that Nimisha wasn't good as Jayshree, but as we say, once you love a character too much, you cannot imagine any other actor doing it. But, this time, that is not a problem as Vandana Pathak is back playing Jayshree, as the rest of the cast stays put.

What I understand out of the promo is that this is no continuation of storyline or it doesn't say, 'several years later' or so. The family is still the way they were years ago, where Himanshu (JD Majethia) or Babuji (Anang Desai) haven't aged, and Hansa (Supriya Pathak)- Praful (Arvind Thakkar) are still the ditzy couple. The best example of how it seems there is no timeline is how Jackie and Chakkie (Jayshree and Hansa's kids) are still kids. I really like this decision, as the essence and purity would otherwise have been lost if there was a leap or timeline followed.

The flavour of Khichdi (no pun intended) seems to be intact, as Jayshree, Hansa, Praful, Himanshu and Babuji mouth their vintage jargons and get you nostalgic immediately.

The Verdict

Even a mere few seconds of the teaser was enough to get me smiling as broadly as I can. Khichdi is not only back, but it seems better. However, I am just a little skeptical if the innocence of the madcaps will be retained, as the makers will have to be adapting their writing to sui today's times.

Nevertheless, like a complete fanboy, I am extremely excited to see the misadventures of the lovingly stupid Parekh family again.

Checkout the promo NAAV NAAV-


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Comments (10)

mad parekhs are back wohooo
one of the best sitcoms i had ever watched

5 years ago

all the best to hny team..
love u Deepika Padukone..u r the best.

9 years ago

You cannot have it all.. Arty films too need recognition.. The makers need appreciation, if not money. Commercials are making money, art films should at least receive applauds from critics..One should not call them biased for that.

9 years ago

Love you Deepika Padukone and SRK
waiting to see you in Happy New Year

9 years ago

love u shahrukh khan, abishek bachan an sonu sood

9 years ago

you and Sajid Khan need to stop making such films. Why Humshakals "worked" will forever be a mystery to me.

9 years ago

Seriously humshakals was pathetic! You can't expect the critics to gove good reviews! Even the audience who went to watch for the 'actors' got hell bored!

9 years ago

Love u Deepika Padukone
Waiting to see you in Happy New Year :-)

9 years ago

Perfectly said... We do need movies like Humshakals once in a while, and more comedy entertainers like that so discouraging such movies is not right...Though a little drag in middle but i really had a good dose of laughter nd enjoyed the movie...The concept itself was clear we shud leave our brains and watch.. Plus Saif and Ritesh acting was so so good.. Generally broody tough dark looking characters get more appreciation but comedy is hardest and actors efforts surely needed to be appreciated.. It was so clear Saif was so out of his comfort zone while acting in humshakals, really gud job..

9 years ago

Love u Deepika Padukone
Waiting to see you in Happy New Year

9 years ago

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