Tappu inspires kids to go bald...

Bhavya Gandhi aka Tappu of SAB TV's Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah has bagged a lot of support with his friends in school going bald...

Bhavya Gandhi who essays the role of Tappu in SAB TV's #1 show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah set an ideal example by going bald for a cause!!  And now we hear that lots of kids who admire Tappu as their idol wish to go bald and sport a cool look as him.. 

Yes, you heard it right!

A close source informs Telly Buzz, "Few of the children from  Bhavya Gandhi's school  who love Tappu a lot insist on going bald. About five of them actually went bald recently  in a quest to look like their idol".

To know more we contacted Bhavya Gandhi who said, "Yes, you are right, five of my friends have gone bald because I did it for the show. When I told them that I did so for one of  the requirements on the show, they said they want to look as cute as I look now (smiles)".

Producer Asit Modi is simply taken aback seeing certain reactions in the normal public about Tappu going bald. "It's really funny. I have been getting calls from parents asking how to dissuade their kids from getting their heads shaved off. They are taking it as a fashion statement and some of them want to do so to give support to Tappu. Serials today can really influence viewers and that is why we are so careful with our storyline.  We keep sending social messages out to them in a comical manner and never create negative influence".

Wow!! This really speaks volumes about the fan following that Tappu and the show generate!!

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar  



Bhavya Gandhi Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah  SAB TV 

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jassa123 9 years ago he maa mata jiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats it
larki_punjaban 9 years ago Oh ma! i just love that kid! i think the child artist are better then the bollywood actors these days!
Chocolate... 9 years ago omg!!! this is soo cute, and i agree media is one of the most powerful tool the world has and using it to influence in a good way is really responsible way to reach out to others. love TMKOC and bhavya rock the world proud.
binie 9 years ago bhavya is very proffesional and we can proudly say we are TMKOCians!!!!
shinyclassic 9 years ago bhavya is a good actor,,and his fans are all around
tulipbaby53 11 years ago she doesn''t look good at all! but i guess this just proves the song ain''t nobody like a desi girl! lol.
gauri92 11 years ago oh...but indian brides do wear lavender....there is a lot of experimentation going on now...and the traditional red is not worn too much now....its still there, but different colours like green, gold, and yes, even lavender are coming in....

other than that...yes, she is not looking pretty....but i have seen many indian brides who have over done their make up....
but the ones who get it done right....they can''t be beaten, they look absolutely gorgeous!!!!
simran1285 11 years ago @Pallavi I agree Indian women are far more beautiful and graceful, I don''t understand why people back home are so obsessed by the west. India has so much culture and history yet people are ignoring it and wanting to be more westernized. I have a cousin in India who can''t read or write his mother tongue, yet excels in English, when I questioned he said not interested how sad!

I know the whole lavender thing had me scratching my head, till date I have not seen an Indian bride wear such a color, I know bollywood has their moments of churning out different colors for wedding outfits but then again that''s bollywood, not real life!
pallavi25 11 years ago @simran1285
I agree with u completely, she does look like something out of a horror movie, like a female Vampire. LOL
Here in the West, even if u wear a lavender or green sari with jewelry, ur supposed to be an Indian bride. Lack of General knowledge u see!
I dont understand India''s fascination with the West and phoren actresses. Our women are much prettier and graceful. Mexican shows are utterly trashy.
simran1285 11 years ago She in no way looks like an Indian bride, I mean she is a pretty girl but no Indian bride looks this extreme. I wish they had shown her in a different color outfit (maroon, pink, gold etc.) with proper makeup and jewelry. Looking at this picture I would not say she looks like a bride, infact she looks like something out of a hindi horror movie and who suggested the color lavendar for an indian bride?
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