Tanvi Dogra expresses her excitement on her show 'Parineetii' returning to the top 5 race

Tanvi Dogra, currently essaying the character of Neeti in Colors TV's show Parineeti, opens up on her show making a comeback to the top 5 race in an exclusive chat with India Forums.

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Tanvi Dogra

Tanvi Dogra, renowned for her portrayal of Neeti in Colors TV's 'Parineeti,' has been garnering praise and admiration for her compelling performance in the show. As her character took a grey turn, Tanvi's acting prowess has earned widespread acclaim.

In a noteworthy development, 'Parineeti' made a triumphant return to the top 5 rankings on the TRP charts last week after a brief absence. Despite consistently delivering strong performances on the channel, the show had temporarily slipped out of the top 5 overall shows. However, it reclaimed the fifth spot with an impressive comeback.

India Forums reached out to Tanvi Dogra to discuss this achievement, and she joyfully expressed her feelings in a conversation with us. Delving into the surge in TRPs and the show's return to the top 5, Tanvi shared, "Yes, we are all very happy to know that the show has garnered good numbers and is thriving. The story has progressed, and the separation track of Sanju and Neeti is resonating with the audience. It feels great to know that people are loving and appreciating our work, the story, and each character. I believe it's a team effort; the 'Parineeti' team is like a family, and we all work in a positive and relaxed environment. I hope the show continues to perform well."

'Parineeti' narrates the tale of two best friends who inadvertently marry the same man, leading to emotional turmoil and misunderstandings. The show features Anchal Sahu, Ankur Verma, and Tanvi Dogra in pivotal roles.

Are you captivated by the current track of the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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