Tanaaz bursts out at Bakhtiyar

After taking it easy on his behavior for all these days, Tanaaz loses her cool and fights with hubby Bakhtiyar on Colors Bigg Boss 3.


Looks like Tanaaz is now a 'scorned woman' on Colors Bigg Boss - 3. She was patient all this time over Bakhtiyar's many complaints about her- lack of love, indifference etc. But now she hits back.

According to our source, "Tanaaz finally let go of her reservations about their being on national television and speaks out. Even though Bakhtiyar behaved childishly, Tanaaz acted in a manner to save face. But now it seems she is truly frustrated as she hit back at Bakhtiyar solidly. She couldn't keep a check on her emotions anymore."

Adds the source, "With both the husband and wife nominated this week for elimination, it will be interesting to see who finally bows out!!

Wonder how Bakhtiyar will react if he really loses the battle this week to his wife and is forced to go out of the house?? To know watch Bigg Boss at 9pm on Colors.

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yuvi_ashi 2009-11-12T23:28:24Z it's about time someone told him his place. she shud have snapped at him long ago
BayAreaGuru 2009-11-12T23:25:35Z so Bhaktiyar finally got what he deserved
Born-star 2009-11-12T18:23:14Z she was angry on Rohit and Vindo...
2009-11-12 18:24:15
-DulceMaria- 2009-11-12T17:45:33Z it was much needed,i am sick of Bakhtiar's consant whining
Desdemona 2009-11-12T17:28:34Z Bhaktiyar is really behaving like an immature and insecure guy. Tanaaz is always a mature woman with many talents. I justify her bursting out . Some times it is needed. Then only these immature husbands get back to their senses.
saunakpatel 2009-11-12T17:04:18Z oh worng one tanaz brust out at others not her hubyy...... ya and whtever she did was needed ...... according to bigboss's so called rule nomination planing is punishable ...thn how come ther names are accepted as nominee !!!
desicrowd 2009-11-12T15:53:35Z False reporting...Tnaaz never lost her cool on Bakhti..and what she did was right...those Vindoo gangn crooks needed a reality check..
Mehr-k 2009-11-12T13:09:29Z first of all the she was not mad at bhaktyiar , she exposed dirty politics of vindu and rohit .
way to go tanaaz.
Shaina_b 2009-11-12T12:40:06Z Bakhtiyaar forgets that they are on national TV and he should not be speaking bad about Tanaaz!!!!

SecretKhabri420 2009-11-12T10:54:48Z This news is false, Tanaaz was angry at Rohit and some others, not Bakhtiyaar at all........
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