Take to Iqbal Khan's pasand !!!!

Known for his no nonsense attitude, this just married Khan has some cool likes and not so hot dislikes...

When it comes to “Khan’s of small screen”, Iqbal Khan is not far behind, this actor who made his debut on small screen with his character Angad in the musical blockbuster Kaise Yeh Pyar Hain, has always been the talk of the industry for his great personality and acting skills.

Last seen on the show Karam Apnaa Apnaa, playing the role of Shiv Kapoor, the intelligent business minded guy who was famous for the attitude that he carried.

Iqbal Khan who is all set to get back on screen is on the hot seat this week with us on Pasand Apni Apni.

       I don’t visit any sites rather than checking my emails.

           Juice without sugar

         Fruit and nuts chocolate

      Any memories of my school days

  Marriott Coffee shop and Buffet & Chawla Dhaba

         Not a brand freak, but i love Pepe and Louis Philippe for formals.

         Lacoste & Isse Miyake

           My car at the moment, Hyundai Accent

          I don’t read books.

  Mid-Day and Times.

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Iqbal Khan

Comments (36)

Loved you in kaisa yeh pyar hai, please come in kaisa yeh pyar hai season 2 with neha bamb.

11 years ago

smae candy as i lyk , fruit and nuts ...... not bad !!
im in luv wid u iqbal !!!!!!!!

15 years ago

*Yikes!* Just the picture freaks me out! This actually seems like a hardcore, intense horror movie! But it's based on a real story (apparently) so I'll just read the synopsis online or something ('cuz I can't cope with horror movies...they give me the heebie-jeebies!)

LOL. Nice article though! :)

16 years ago


so a true storty huh?? awsome!! Paar..did the true story happen in India? If YES..then IM DEF WATCHING THIS as i havent seen a true-story indian horror before lol im tired of seeing the western true horror tales! But wateva...I love horror...so this one's a MUST FOR ME!

Now lets hope the Ramsay Brothers make better horrors in the near future!

16 years ago

awwwwwwwwwww......he likes pepe.......pepe iz my fav toooooooooooooo..........give me five IQ......love u.....and yes thx

16 years ago

LUVV YAA IQUUU...!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

16 years ago

wow kool info
thankx for postin
lub iqbal:)

16 years ago

hey angad i m ur huge fan ....................love u ........miss u on tv............................

16 years ago

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so much

he is surely SRK of Tellywood

16 years ago

hi anagad i love u and i m ur biggest fan ur chemistry with kripa was ossom

16 years ago

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